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Mosque locked in France after imam’s provocative statements

France has taken a big action against Islamic fundamentalism and closed a disputed mosque. France has ordered the closure of mosques in the northern part of the country in view of the imam’s inflammatory sermons. Local officials said the mosque in the town of Beauvais, about 100 kilometers north of Paris, would now remain closed for the next six months.

According to the French authorities, the imam of this mosque preaches hate speech and incites people to protect the violence and jihad. The government says the decision to close the mosque has been taken because of the radical nature of preaching by the imam of the mosque in Beauvais in northern France. The imam of this mosque is accused of spreading hatred towards Christians, gay people and Jews and supporting jihad in the name of sermon.

French Interior Minister Gerald Dormanin started the process of closing the site two weeks ago, the Daily Mail reported. Dormanin said that the imam was targeting Christians, homosexuals and Jews in his sermons, which is not acceptable. Officials in Oise province said the mosque was being preached inciting hatred, violence and defense of jihad. Because of this the mosque was closed for the next 6 months.

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Let us tell you that after the brutal murder of a teacher named Samuer Patty in October 2020, the French government had started taking action against the fundamentalists. Patty was murdered because she showed her class a controversial cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad published by Charlie Hebdo magazine.

The Home Ministry recently reported that around 100 mosques and places of worship for Muslims were investigated this month as they were accused of spreading separatist ideology.

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