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Controversy over free tablet-smartphone from Yogi government, students are afraid of these things

In view of the upcoming elections, the Yogi government had launched a smartphone and tablet distribution scheme to appease the student community. On December 26, CM Yogi Adityanath had launched the first phase of the ambitious program to distribute smartphones and tablets to one crore students in the state. Students were also happy to get free smartphones and tablets but now students have expressed concern about smartphones and tablets. Students using smartphones and tablets have reported such problems that they are unable to use the phone at their own pace and are also at risk of breach of their privacy.

Students made serious allegations

The All India Students Association (AISA) has opposed the Uttar Pradesh government’s mobile and tablet distribution scheme, saying the device violated the privacy of students. AISA further alleged that the state was creating a monitoring and control structure. At the same time, students say that they are facing a lot of problems in accessing the phone. Students are not even login their Facebook and WhatsApp in the phone due to fear. The students say that all their data will go to the government. Devendra Tripathi, a student, while talking to the media said that smartphones can be used for studies but all their activities can be controlled under the IT section. There is a photo of CM Yogi and PM Modi on the front wall of the phone, which, when you try to change it, gets a notification of the phone being blocked.

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mapping done through code

At the same time, another student says that the mapping has been done through a bar code on the top of the phone, in which the information of the student using the phone has been entered. If someone else wants to use the phone or not, then all the data is collected through mapping. All the information can be used under the IT section and the smartphone is not safe at all in terms of privacy. There has been no statement from the government on these allegations so far.

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