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BJP MP Tejashwi Surya surrounded by his own statements, ready to withdraw his statement without any condition

BJP MP Tejashwi Surya seems to be surrounded by his own statements. After which he has come on the backfoot. Tejashwi Surya has agreed to unconditionally withdraw his controversial statement related to conversion. In fact, he had given this statement on December 25 in a program organized at Sri Krishna Math in Udupi, Surya had talked about converting people of different religions to Hinduism.

This statement of his became fiercely viral on social media and people insulted him a lot. After this, today, on 27 December, Tejashwi Surya made a tweet, withdrawing his statement. In this, he wrote, two days ago, I spoke at a program called Hindu revival in India organized at Sri Krishna Math in Udupi. Parts of my speech created a controversy in an unfortunate way. Therefore, I withdraw my statement without any condition.

In fact, in the program organized on December 25, Tejashwi Surya had said many objectionable things one after the other. Surya said that Hindus now have only one option left and that is to bring back those who have gone out of their original religion. To bring them back home. Tejashwi Surya claimed that a large number of people of Hinduism were converted to different religions in history. According to Surya, many methods were used to do this. Only then they were intimidated and sometimes they were lured.

Surya further said that monasteries and temples should take the lead in converting people of other religions to Hinduism. To do this, monasteries and temples should have annual targets. Surya also said that communism and colonialism are the reasons due to which Hinduism is weak today. Surya claimed that secularism had wrongly affected Hinduism and because of this Hindus were persecuted by Muslims and Christians.

This entire speech of Tejashwi Surya was criticized a lot. One user tweeted, “Are we surprised? There have also been allegations of sexual harassment against this person. Spreading communal hatred is just another achievement for them.

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