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Web Series On OTT: Entertainment and learning too, definitely watch these shows with your kids this weekend

In today’s era, wherever you go, you will find people everywhere talking about OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, MX Player. Everyone is watching web series, movies etc. on these platforms but there is a problem with it and that is about children. Actually most web series or movies have rude language, uncomfortable scenes, which you cannot watch with your kids.

Some time ago a friend of mine told me that such content is coming on TV, OTT nowadays that children are growing up before their time. So we should consider what the children are seeing and what they are not. As a parent, it is your responsibility to show them good, informative and inspiring content so that their understanding increases and a clean mindset is developed. Also, try that you discuss with the children about web series, films etc. so that they get answers to the questions going on in their mind.

So today we are telling you about some web shows, which you can watch with your kids.

1. The King, the Kitchen and Other Stories

If you are interested in eating, cooking or knowing the history of different cuisines, then you will definitely love this series produced by Epic Channel. To watch it, you can subscribe to the Epic on mobile app or watch it on Netflix. This is a series that can be watched from adults to children as well. If you want your kids to know about the food, traditional and famous cuisines of different regions of India, then you must watch this series with your kids.

This series has two seasons, the first season has 11 episodes and the second season has 24 episodes. Each episode talks about the cuisines of different states, the history and culture behind them. Along with good content in this series, good work has also been done on cinematography. Through this series you and your kids will get to know India a little better. Also, if you ever happen to visit these different areas, you will know what cuisine you want to try in which city or state.

2. Malgudi Days

Made and aired in the 90s, this series is still fresh in the memories of the audience. For many people, this series is an important part of their childhood and they often want their children to show this series too. Perhaps that is why Hotstar Disney+ has made Malgudi Days available to the public on its OTT platform. First aired on Doordarshan in the year 1986, this series is inspired by short stories written by famous writer RK Narayan. Till the year 2006, this series has had four seasons and total episodes are 54.

If you want to introduce your kids to rural India and the simplicity, honesty and hard work of the people, then this series is the best. You can sit and watch it with your family. Apart from being entertaining, interesting, this series is also inspiring. There is a lesson at the end of every episode, which is for kids to adults. You can watch this series with your kids anytime. If ever you are busy and the children insist on watching something, then you can give this series by putting up. Because in this you will not worry that children are not seeing anything wrong somewhere.

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events

This Netflix web series is based on American author, Lemony Snicket’s novel series, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’. This is the story of three orphan children, who are sent to their guardian after the death of their parents but this guardian only wants their money and this is where the story of the journey of these three sisters and brothers begins. save themselves and, at the same time, discover the secrets of their parents’ past.

You can watch this series sitting with your family. This series gives a message to children to fight their fears, believe in themselves and work on their skills. The characters of the story keep a positive mindset even in the biggest of difficulties and this inspires that you should never give up. Also, it is a dark comedy, in which there will be scenes which will surprise you and will make you laugh at times.

4. Our Planet

If you are interested in the environment and related topics or want to introduce your kids to this subject, then Netflix’s ‘Our Planet’ would be the best to watch. However, it will be more informative than entertainment. This documentary series consists of eight episodes and is suitable for kids to adults alike. Different topics have been discussed in all the episodes. For example, in an episode you can learn about forests, in an episode you can know about very cold areas.

This documentary talks about climate change and its increasing threats to our biodiversity. It was shot in different countries of the world. That’s why you can enjoy the beautiful views of biodiversity around the world from the comfort of your home. Plus, your kids will get to know a lot of amazing facts, places and animals. Due to which their awareness and responsibility will increase about their own ‘Planet’ Earth. So everyday you can sit with your kids and watch an episode of this series.

5. piggy bank

Made under the banner of TVF, this series is available on Sony Live. The series has two seasons and a total of 10 episodes. This is the story of a middle class Mishra family. Whose piggy bank is not filled with money but with their funny stories. So watch this series with your family. Because watching alone may not be as much fun as watching it with children and adults. Every member of the middle class family would agree with some or the other scene in this series. Like in one episode there is talk of ‘Register of Neg’ and from my own experience I can say that this register of Neg is very common in middle class families living in small and big cities of India.

The series has a lot to learn along with the quirky anecdotes. This series teaches that it doesn’t take a lot of money or resources to be happy. You can make even small moments with your family beautiful. So if you are planning to watch a series this weekend, then watch the piggy bank. I don’t even know when the 10 episodes will end.

6. Brainchild

Netflix’s educational series, Brainchild, is specifically for children. This series will increase children’s knowledge about today’s scientific principles as well as many other topics. In 13 episodes of the series, different topics have been told like in the first episode about social media and in the second episode about germs. All these are subjects which are now a part of our daily lifestyle. About which we know but this series can explain about the science behind them.

Also, this series has been made in such a way that it is not boring but fun for the kids. Because the purpose of the series is to make science easy, fun and understandable. Therefore, different topics have been explained in each episode through different experiments, games. So if you are looking for a series for your kids that is entertaining as well as informative, then Brainchild can be on your list.

7. Young Sheldon

This series is a ‘Prequel’ to The Big Bang Theory because in this series you will see the story of Young Sheldon. Sheldon Cooper is a genius whose IQ level is much higher than his age and therefore he is transferred four classes ahead, along with children older than his age. This is the story of Sheldon as well as his family, and school, who are trying to live a balanced life with this genius kid. From kids to elders will enjoy watching this series. However, there are some dialogues in the series which you might not find suitable for very young children.

But for this, you can first watch this series yourself and decide whether it will be right for your kids to watch this scene. Because apart from this, there is a lot in the series, from which you and the kids can learn a lot. This series teaches that everyone may not be a genius but they are special in their own right. We all have something less and something better in each other. The series is available on Amazon Prime and has had four seasons.

8. The Aam Aadmi Family

This series is also made under the banner of TVF and is available on platforms like MX Player and Zee5. There have been three seasons of this series and there are a total of 17 episodes. You can also watch this series with your family. This is the story of middle class Sharma family. But this story has been woven in such a way that it will look like the story of most of the middle class families of India. The series depicts the thinking, way of living and feelings of both the new and old generations. So this series will be like yours to you.

However, if your kids are very young, you can watch the series for yourself before watching any web series with them. Apart from these series, if you think there are any other web series that can be watched with kids and will be inspiring for them, then you can tell us in the comments.

Editing – G N Jha

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