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Uttarakhand news: Pushkar Singh Dhami worshiped crocodile, then the statement of Harish Rawat was refreshed


  • Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami launches Crocodile Trail
  • Kakra Crocodile Trail begins after reaching Surai range of Khatima area
  • They also worshiped the crocodile, which has become a topic of discussion.
  • Harish Rawat had said that the power has left crocodiles behind him.

Mahesh Pandey, Dehradun
Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Wednesday started the Kakra Crocodile Trail by reaching the Surai range of Khatima area. He was seen worshiping the crocodile. On the western boundary of Surai Ecotourism Zone is Kakra Nala. At present there are more than 100 marsh crocodiles in this creek. This 4 km drain has been developed so that tourists can easily see these crocodiles.

CM’s crocodile worship became another topic of discussion. There are elections in Uttarakhand and these days the symbolic importance of crocodile has increased there. Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat had created a sensation recently by saying that the government has left crocodiles behind him. Later he told the alligators of power to CBI, ED and Income Tax. Now what did the Chief Minister worship the crocodile, people started imagining it too.

It was discussed that whether the Chief Minister is giving indications of leaving the crocodile against his opponent by performing crocodile worship. Instructions have also been given for construction of park and canteen in this crocodile safari. Chief Minister Dhami said that the initiative of our government is to create employment with the local people by connecting with forests and wildlife.

Chief Minister said, both ecology and economy will get help
He said that its formation will help both ecology and economy. Efforts will also be made to increase tourism activities in the area through homestays. Marsh crocodiles are found in freshwater sources. This species has become extinct in many countries like Bhutan and Myanmar. They are considered extremely dangerous. This is the first Crocodile Trail in the state. Three view points and several watch towers have been built in the trail.


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