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Uttarakhand Election 2022: Before the election, understand the mathematics of Uttarakhand assembly, which party has how many MLAs, what does the survey report say?


  • In the 2017 assembly elections, the BJP had won 56 out of 70 seats.
  • BJP claims, will win more than 60 seats in the upcoming assembly elections
  • Have a look, which party has how many MLAs in Uttarakhand

Assembly elections are due in Uttarakhand next year (Uttarakhand assembly election 2022), but before that there is a tussle between the two largest political parties of the state, Congress and BJP. While former Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Harish Rawat is angry with the party high command, the ruling party BJP minister Harak Singh announced his resignation in the cabinet meeting itself. Although now both the parties are claiming that the dispute is over, but it is clear from this that there is a situation of internal discord between both the parties. Just before the elections, let’s take a look at what the maths of Uttarakhand assembly is saying, which party has how many MLAs.

Which party has how many MLAs?
In the 2017 assembly elections, the BJP had won 56 out of 70 seats. Before that there was a Congress government there. In this way, the BJP has a total of 56 MLAs in the state. Congress has only 10 MLAs in the state. Apart from this, two seats are independent while two seats are vacant. One seat has nominated MLAs of Anglo-Indian community.

This time also the fight between BJP and Congress
In the assembly elections to be held in 2022, this time also the main fight is seen between BJP and Congress. In order to cater to the youth of the state, on July 4 this year, BJP made Pushkar Singh Dhami as the Chief Minister of the state. Experts believe that the party needed a Rajput face to make up the caste equation. In this sense also Pushkar Singh Dhami fit all the parameters of the party, so he was given the command of the party, and he is the youngest CM, BJP is engaged in cultivating the youth. Dhami is claiming that this time BJP will win 60 seats in the state. For this they are also traveling to many districts.

Uttrakhand Election: Resignation of Dhami government minister Harak Singh Rawat caused stir, political picture of the state is changing
On the other hand, Congress is claiming to end Harish Rawat’s displeasure. If the news is to be believed then this election also he will be the Chief Minister face from the side of Congress.

According to the survey, there is a tussle between BJP and Congress in the state.
The report of the survey conducted by ABP and C Voter between November 13 and December 9 can increase the trouble of BJP. According to the survey, 40 percent of the voters of Uttarakhand are in favor of BJP, while there is about 36 percent in favor of Congress. Apart from this, 13 percent voters are on the side of Aam Aadmi Party. Others account for the inclination of around 11 per cent of the electorate. It is clear in the survey that the real contest in the election battle of Uttarakhand is between BJP and Congress.

Reports suggest that 33 to 39 seats are visible in BJP’s account. Apart from this, 29 to 35 seats are being estimated in the share of Congress. 1-3 seats in AAP’s account, while 0-1 seats are expected to go to others.

Dehradun: Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and State Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami during a program in Dehradun. file photo


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