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Uttarakhand Bhojanmata Vivad: Now the Dalit children are not eating the food of the upper caste cook, why the war broke out on the mother of the food in the school, know the whole controversy


  • Controversy heats up over appointment of Dalit Bhojanmata in Uttarakhand
  • Dalit students of the school came out in protest over the removal of Bhojanmata
  • 23 students refused to eat food from the hands of the upper caste Bhojanmata
  • Upper caste students did not eat food from Dalit food mother’s hand

A new twist has come in the controversy over appointing a Dalit woman as Bhojan Mata in a government school in Uttarakhand. Now the Dalit students of the same school have refused to eat food prepared by an upper caste cook. The case is of Government Inter College Sukhidhang in Champawat district. Here, after the appointment of a Scheduled Caste woman as Bhojan Mata, the upper caste students had refused to take food.

‘We too will not eat food from the hands of the upper caste cook’
In fact, the school children are said to be angry over the ouster of Dalit Bhojanmata. In a letter sent to the education department on behalf of the school’s principal Prem Singh, it has been said that there is such a discussion among the children that if the general class students hate the food cooked by the Dalit cook, then they too should be treated like the general class cook. Will not eat food made by hand.

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Now 23 Dalit children refuse to eat food
According to the information received, out of 58 students present in the school, 23 children belonging to Scheduled Castes refused to eat food prepared by the upper caste mother on Friday. After the matter became public, the Education Department gave the responsibility of its investigation to the team of AD Basic Ajay Nautiyal, Chief Education Officer RC Purohit and BEO Anshul Bisht. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has asked Kumaon DIG Nilesh Anand Bharan to investigate the incident and take strict action against the culprits.

When our associate newspaper Times of India contacted Tanakpur SDM Himanshu Kafaltia in this matter, he said, ‘The District Magistrate has formed a committee, which will investigate the matter impartially. Apart from this, we will also ensure that Bhojanmata is appointed by following the rules.

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Controversy after appointment of Dalit Bhojanmata on December 13
Dalit Bhojanmata was appointed on 13th December in this school with 230 students. But the very next day some upper caste students refused to eat food cooked by the Dalit Bhojanmata. Taking steps in Champawat district’s Chief Education Officer RC Purohit, dismissing the appointment of Bhojanmata as illegal. The Parents-Teacher Association had alleged that Bhojanmata was appointed without the approval of the Deputy Education Officer. Since then this matter is in the headlines. The villagers of the area are seen divided on the basis of caste.

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gram sabha members came out in protest against dalit pradhan
Ethnic tension is being seen among the members of the Gram Sabha regarding this incident on Saturday. Five upper caste gram sabha members have resigned protesting the Dalit head of the village. Gram Sabha members say that the Pradhan was not taking their advice while taking decisions. After this, the officials of Champawat district administration held a meeting with the representatives of the Gram Panchayat. After persuasion, the members of the Gram Sabha withdrew their resignations.

(With inputs from Times of India correspondent Prem Punetha)


The food-mother controversy caught on


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