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UP laggy in NITI Aayog’s health index, Akhilesh said – this is the true report of BJP government

Uttar Pradesh has proved to be the worst in the fourth health index of NITI Aayog. As per the rankings, among the larger states, Kerala has been ranked highest in the field of health on all parameters while Uttar Pradesh is at the bottom. The period 2019-20 has been taken into account in the fourth health index.

Akhilesh said – this is the true report of the BJP government of UP
On the other hand, after this report of NITI Aayog, now Samajwadi Party National President Akhilesh Yadav has become an attacker. Former UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav tweeted, ‘UP at the bottom in terms of health and medicine in NITI Aayog’s ‘Health Index’! This is the true report of the BJP government of UP. Truth cannot be changed by publishing false advertisements all over the world.

‘UP says today’s, BJP doesn’t want…’
Akhilesh further wrote, ‘The public will give answer in twenty two to those who spoil the health of UP. UP should say today’s, not BJP…’. This report of NITI Aayog, which came before the Uttar Pradesh elections, can become a big issue in the election campaign starting from next month in the state.

Uttar Pradesh is ahead in only one case

The NITI Aayog report states that Tamil Nadu and Telangana are at the second and third positions respectively on health parameters. It has been said in the report that from the perspective of reforms, Uttar Pradesh has secured the highest position. As per the report, Uttar Pradesh has registered the highest growth change from the base year (2018-19) to the reference year (2019-20).

Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir also laggards

Among the smaller states, Mizoram ranked highest, while among the union territories, Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir ranked lowest on all parameters in terms of health and ranked highest in terms of reforms.

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