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Traveling in train without ticket will not attract fine..just should know these rules of railways

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New Delhi: Generally, tickets have to be booked a month in advance to travel by train. There are usually two ways to book tickets for reservation. The first is to book the ticket from the reservation counter or you can also book it online sitting at home. But many times the ticket is not confirmed and the passenger does not get the confirmation at the last minute. In such a situation, the person remains trapped. Most people consider ‘tatkal’ tickets to be the only option for this. Although very few people will be aware that you can travel by train after buying a ticket from the platform.

What does railway rule say

By the way, for traveling without a ticket, the passenger may have to face heavy fines and even jail air, but we will tell you about some such rules of the railway, with the help of which you will be able to travel in the train without a ticket and will not be fined. . If you don’t have a reservation, don’t worry. You can board the train with platform ticket and get it easily by visiting the ticket checker. A person boarding the train with a platform ticket will have to immediately contact the TTE and get an existing ticket made for his/her destination. If the seat in the train is present at that time then TT can also book the seat. But can’t get you out of the train. Now from now onwards, if you have to go to many emergencies and are not getting tickets, then definitely remember this rule.

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The platform ticket entitles the passenger to board the train. The advantage of platform ticket is that the fare of the passenger will be calculated by determining the station from where he has purchased the platform ticket. The same station will be verified while charging the fare. Apart from this, the class (1AC, 2AC, 3AC etc.) will also determine the total fare of the journey. On the other hand, you will have to pay more for the reserved seat.

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