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The car I dreamed of going to school barefoot, today a software engineer made in the same company

If you are diligent, no one can stop you from moving forward. Such people reach their destination even in adverse circumstances. Today we are going to tell you the story of a person whose childhood was spent in struggles but he did not give up and today he is a software engineer in an automobile company. His story (career inspiration) is being read a lot on LinkedIn these days.

This story is of Bhavesh Lohar living in Udaipur, Rajasthan. When he was young, he used to walk barefoot on the highway every day in the scorching heat. During that time Bhavesh used to talk to his friends that one day when he will do something big, which car he will buy. Once when he saw an advertisement for a Ford Figo in a local newspaper, he fell in love with the vehicle.

Watch the game of time, on the strength of hard work, Bhavesh has got a job as a software engineer in the same Ford Motor Company, whose car advertisement he had read in the newspaper in his childhood. You will be surprised to know that Bhavesh’s mother works as a maid. Battling all kinds of financial difficulties, Bhavesh proved that with hard work you can achieve anything, just your willpower should be strong.

8 people lived in a room of 6X6

Bhavesh is a technology student at NIT (National Institute of Technology), Bhopal. His mother works at home, who worked very hard to add money for Bhavesh’s studies. His sisters also supported him in his dreams. Bhavesh also did many different jobs to get into the college.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bhavesh had to leave the hostel and return to his one-room house. There were already seven members in his house. He could hardly find a secluded place to study. But Bhavesh did not bow down even in front of this problem. He made himself a room to study and, without complaining, started preparing to improve his future. On the basis of sincere and hard work, he got placement and interview offers in many big companies.

Recently, in a LinkedIn post, Bhavesh shared his story. He told what conditions he had to go through to get a job in a big company. This LinkedIn post of his is becoming quite viral.

Bhavesh’s post:

Even today, I remember well, walking on the highway barefoot in the scorching sun, going to a government school. My friends and I often talked about which car to buy when we became big men. I loved the Ford Figo in those days. After seeing this car advertisement in a local newspaper, all I thought was that when I got enough money, I would buy this car.

Today I am very happy to inform that I have joined Ford Motor Company as a Software Engineer. My mother was waiting for this day for a long time. Due to Corona, I was forced to leave my college hostel and return home. There are 7 members in my family and there was only one room. So I made myself a small room for my studies.

I used to sleep, study in this 6X6 room. Sitting here, I learned a lot, gave interviews in some big companies and got the privilege of getting selected in Ford. I owe a lot to my dear elder sisters. He sacrificed his dreams to make my dreams come true. He worked and earned money to feed the family. My mother used to work in people’s homes for my studies. Because my father used to earn 7 to 8 thousand rupees a month and almost all that money would go towards paying his debts.

As a child, I had promised my mother that when I started earning money, she would not need to work and I would make her a sleeping swing for her to rest. In college, I had to work a part-time job for my studies, so I had to leave the college society.

I consider myself lucky to have seen these struggles in my life. Because those difficulties only made me strong to face every situation in my life.

I know that many students are living even more difficult lives. I just want to tell you that keep doing your work honestly and stay positive. Because God has better plans for you, as is stated in the Gita “be karma, do not worry about the fruit.”

Thank you to everyone who supported me in my journey.

Many thanks dear Babbar Bhaiya for keeping me motivated during my college placements.

Thanks to Srijana Upadhyay, Yash Rathi Vaishali Damodaran, Dhananjay Nair sir for making my first day at Ford a memorable one.”

So this was the story of Bhavesh’s journey from struggles to success. It is true, just go on doing action, because in your bus only action is there, not fruit.

Original article- Riya Gupta

Editing – G N Jha

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