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The Better India’s Employability Program: Now you can make a career in just 6 weeks

In today’s time, getting a job is becoming a big competition. If you are unemployed and looking for employment, then The Better India’s Employability Program can be very useful for you.

Actually, the unemployment rate in India is 7.5% and somewhere it is increasing continuously. But the good news is that the reason for this is not the lack of jobs. Rather, the problem is the lack of essential skills among job seekers.

Companies often first hire employees and then spend a lot of money on training them. Due to this, there is a lot of burden on both the company and the owner.

In fact, to boost employment, there is a need to reform the Indian education system and make it more skill-based.

The Better India’s Employability Program, in association with Belong Education, is one such attempt to bridge the gap between college education and the skills required to get a job.

क्या है The Better India’s Employability Program?

Most of the college courses give you theory based knowledge. Although this knowledge is also necessary, yet it does not include the requirements related to getting a job. These courses do not train you in real-world situations and problem-solving techniques.

Similarly, there are many online courses that promise skill and knowledge development, but they also lack job opportunities like other offline colleges. Once you enroll in these places, you just take classes and assignments and if you’re lucky, sometimes there’s a group discussion.

To change this system, ‘The Better India’s Employability Program’ has been curated. This will help you in the interview immediately after completing the programme. Not only this, while studying, you will also get a chance to work as an Apprentice with a reputed organization, which will help you understand the work culture of the field you have decided to work in.

The best part is that through this program, you are ready for work in just six weeks.

Eligibility for The Better India’s Employability Program

  • You just need to have the urge to learn.
  • So, if you want to get the job of your dreams, enroll today.

When will it start?

The first batch will start on January 17, 2022. It is a cohort-based program with a maximum of 30 students, so that all students are given equal attention. So enroll soon.


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How to Register?

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