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Terrorist Babar arrested from Uri sector of Jammu and Kashmir made a shocking confession about Pakistan on camera

Terrorist Babar, arrested from Uri sector of Jammu and Kashmir, has made a shocking confession about Pakistan on camera. In his confession, Babar said that I was sent for the Uri-like attack and trained by the Pakistani army. I was trained by 9 terrorists for 3 weeks in Pakistan. ISI gave 20 thousand to join Lashkar-e-Taiba. ISI and Lashkar terrorist met while working in the factory. Babur further said that Lashkar prepares orphans and poor for jihad. We were told that Kashmiris are subjected to atrocities, everyone looks happy here.

Terrorist Babar said that – I request the Pakistani Army and ISI that I should be called back. Treated me well in the Indian Army. Didn’t do any wrong to me.

On the arrest of Babar, the army had given information about this time by holding a press conference yesterday. Major General Virendra Vats said that the name of Pakistan’s terrorist who has been arrested today is Ali Babar Patra. Its age is only nineteen years. Ali Babar is a member of the terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. Who has taken about three months of terrorist training in Pakistan. The purpose of the infiltration of terrorists was to carry out a major attack like 2016’s Uri. Further, Major General Virendra Vats told that – The operation against these terrorists went on for nine days. There were a total of six terrorists, four fled back to Pakistan. The remaining two terrorists hid in a drain on 25 September. One terrorist was killed on 26. The second terrorist started pleading for surrender. Major Vats said that the arrested terrorist has taken three months of training in Pakistan.

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Major Vats told that – There was talk of supplying in Patan of Kashmir but it did not come to supply. Rather, a bigger terror had come to attack. Came to attack exactly the same as Uri attack of 2016. Such infiltration cannot happen without the help of Pakistani Army. There has been a lot of activity on the Terror Launch Pad these days. In the last seven days, 04 terrorists have been killed and one was captured alive.

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