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SP workers arrested today for plotting riots at PM Modi’s rally, expelled from the party

As the date of assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh is approaching, the politics is getting hotter. BJP and Samajwadi Party were going through allegations and counter-allegations during the election campaign, now another news has come to the fore that the police have arrested five SP workers for plotting to riot at PM Modi’s rally. Police say that these activists vandalized the car with the intention of creating unrest as part of the conspiracy.

The Samajwadi Party has expelled Sachin Kesarwani, Ankur Patel, Ankesh Yadav, Sukant Sharma and Sushil Rajput from the party, among the arrested activists in this case.

A video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi vandalizing a BJP-flagged car by burning an effigy of PM Modi on the road leading to Hamirpur under Naubasta police station area went viral on social media after his convoy passed through Kanpur on Tuesday. Police say that the car was deliberately vandalized. To create fear among the workers of a political party.

At the same time, police have arrested 5 people while taking action, not only this, the owner of UP 85 AK 6774 has also been arrested Ankur Patel. Ankur Patel has been the secretary of the Backward Classes Cell. According to the information received, the car owner Ankur Patel had his car broken down under a conspiracy. The officers even say that Ankur Patel was making the video at the time when this sabotage was taking place.

When the police took action in the country, Ankur also deleted the video shot from his mobile. Police have seized Ankur Patel’s mobile and sent it for forensic examination.

Kanpur Police Commissioner says that as part of a conspiracy during the Prime Minister’s visit, this incident was carried out with the intention of creating unrest by the people of other political party by putting up the flag of political party to intimidate the people.

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