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Sagar news: The murder of the former sarpanch was revealed, the killer saw the scene twice to destroy the evidence, the way to slit the throat was discovered on YouTube


The police has disclosed the massacre that took place about 2 weeks ago in Sagar of Madhya Pradesh (Madhya pradesh). The police have also arrested the accused of murder. Actually, on January 2, former sarpanch Ashok Choubey was murdered. The murder was committed by the accused Amit over an old enmity. According to the police, the accused had watched the film Drishyam 2 times before committing the crime, so that he could understand how to erase the evidence of murder.

According to the information, former sarpanch Ashok Choubey was murdered in village Sagauni of Bandri police station area of ​​Sagar district. The accused had killed Ashok Choubey by slitting his throat on the night of January 2. The accused destroyed the evidence after the murder.

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At the same time, the police disclosed this murder after about 2 weeks. Disclosing the murder case, the police said that the accused Amit father Munnalal Sahu had killed former sarpanch Ashok Choubey due to old enmity. The accused watched the film Drishyam twice before committing the murder so that he could understand the methods of destroying the evidence. Not only this, the accused had carried out the incident in a fool-proof manner by looking for ways to slit his throat on YouTube.

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According to the police, during interrogation of the people of the village, it was found that the deceased had a rift with Amit Sahu. In fact, after beating a person in the village about two years ago, Amit had sought the help of the police station from the deceased who was the then sarpanch. The son-in-law of the deceased was posted in the Bandri police station in the police department. Due to this enmity, the accused carried out such a big crime.
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While carrying out the murder, the accused took off the clothes of the deceased and put them in the water tank kept on the terrace to make the police go around. Blades, bangles and a bottle of liquor were also left at the spot. So that the police remains entangled in many possibilities. At present, the police have arrested the accused.


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