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Rajasthan News: Omicron blast again in Rajasthan, 21 patients found in a single day

Once again the threat of ‘Omicron’ (Rajasthan omicron cases update) seems to be increasing in Rajasthan. 21 new cases in the state were reported in a day. Here, due to the confirmation of Omicron in so many patients simultaneously, there has been a stir in the Health Department. According to the information received from the Medical Department, 21 new cases of Omicron in the state have been confirmed by NIV Lab, Pune. Omicron positive cases have been confirmed in the samples sent here. These include 11 from Jaipur (Jaipur omicron cases), 6 from Ajmer (ajmer omicron cases), 3 from Udaipur (udaipur omicron cases) and one person from Maharashtra (maharastra omicron cases). At the same time, 3 other people who came in contact with him were also found infected.

So far 43 patients Omicron cases in the state
It is noteworthy that so far 43 Omicron cases have come in the state. According to the information received, five of these patients have returned from foreign travel. At the same time, three people had come in contact with those traveling abroad. Also, three people have been found in ‘contact tracing’ of a person who was found infected with Omicron in the past. All of them have been admitted to the hospital, where they are undergoing treatment.

A total of 244 patients of Covid-19
The Medical Department said that till Saturday i.e. till today 25 December, 43 people have been found positive for the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron. If we look at the total figures, there are 28 people from Jaipur, 4 from Sikar, 7 from Ajmer, 3 from Udaipur and one person from Maharashtra. At present, 244 patients of Covid-19 are being treated in the state. So far, the death toll from the deadly corona infection in the entire Rajasthan is 8,962.


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