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Rajasthan: Liquor smugglers behind Vdo paper leak, NSUI State General Secretary, will be surprised to know the exploits


  • NSUI state general secretary Prakash Godara arrested on suspicion of video paper leak in Sirohi
  • Another accused also arrested

Sharad Tak, Sirohi
In Sirohi district, the police has taken a big action on the suspicion of being paper out in the examination of Village Development Officer recruitment. In this, NSUI general secretary Prakash Godara’s son Raghunath Ram Vishnoi Jhab police station district Jalore has been arrested. Police has also arrested another accused in this case. According to the information, Prakash Godara is working as the State General Secretary of NSUI since May 2019. Prakash was arrested by the police late on Monday night while fleeing from Sirohi. In this case, the arrest was made on the spot of Praveen’s son Laduram Vishnoi resident of Degaon Karda Jalore. According to the police, this gang is accused of extorting around Rs 15 lakh from 21 candidates in exchange for paper.

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The main kingpin is also of Jalore
According to the police, the name of Raju Iram Kukawas, a resident of Jalore, is the main kingpin of paper out. Many cases of liquor smuggling and ransom have been registered against Raju in the past. Raju Iram was earlier arrested by the police in the case of liquor smuggling and ransom.

Prakash was arrested on the basis of location
When the police traced the location of Prakash, the first location came to Sirohi. After this, the location of Prakash was found from the beginning on the side of the highway leading to Paldi M. Late night accused Prakash was arrested after being chased on the highway. After this the police team raided the places mentioned by Praveen, but the remaining main accused escaped from there. Different teams have been formed by the police, which are investigating the places around Jalore Bhinmal, told by Praveen and Prakash.

Here the dummy candidate was also caught
In the video recruitment examination held on Tuesday in Sirohi city, on one hand, the police caught another candidate. According to the police, Jagdish Kumar son of Kishnaram resident of Immanuel Mission School, Dantiwas, Poonas district Jalore, was appearing as a fake candidate and was appearing for the examination at the place of Prakash Godara’s son Kishnaram resident of Dantiwas Punas district Jalore. The police has arrested Jagdish.

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Such an exploit was revealed
SHO Rajendra Singh said that the Principal of Emanuel Mission School Vinod Kurian informed the police that Jagdish Kumar was appearing for the examination as a fake candidate and his face was not matching with the admit card. Even after that, the undertaking of the fake candidate was filled and the accused was arrested and handed over to the Kotwali. Let us inform that on Monday, in place of Dhiram’s son Baburam, another youth, Omprakash’s son Jaikishan resident Jala Beri Dhorimanna Barmer, was taking the examination from the examination center of Mahaveer Public School.

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