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Railways News: Dadar station’s roof will be like 600 trees! Pollution of station will absorb titanium dioxide, being used for the first time in railways


  • Mumbai’s Dadar railway station will be developed
  • Modern roof will be installed at Dadar railway station
  • Roof will absorb pollution as much as 600 trees

Soon Dadar station will be transformed. This station is being redeveloped in such a way that people will be amazed. The most important thing about this project is – scientifically revamping the roof of Dadar station. According to the information received, the roof of Dadar station will be made of titanium dioxide, which will have the capacity to absorb pollution equal to 600 trees. Experts say that due to this chemical, there are some such chemical processes in the gases involved in pollution that their side effects remain negligible. Such an experiment is being done for the first time in Indian Railways.

The blue print of this redevelopment is ready, which will give a completely new look to Dadar station. Not only this, special attention will also be given to good lighting, ventilation and air purity in the station premises. According to sources, titanium dioxide will be used in an area of ​​about 7242 square meters. There will also be solar panels on the roof of the station.

great work roof
An engineer who designed this project said that applying titanium dioxide in an area of ​​1200 square meters has the same effect as 100 trees. Here the entire roof of the station will be covered with this chemical, which will have an effect equal to 600 trees. Titanium dioxide controls pollution by chemical processing with toxic gases.

What else will happen

This new roof will be installed in the new building of Dadar station. This building will have additional FOBs, which will connect the Western and Central Railway. Skywalk and bridge will be added in this building to go out of the station. According to Anil Kumar Lahoti, General Manager, Central Railway, “We have got a good response to this plan. Hopefully, in-principle approval will also be given.

multilevel parking too
There will be elevated parking in this building, due to which the Railways will earn extra. The building will be built on an area of ​​2000 square meters and will have multilevel parking. The building will also have a separate system for mail express trains and local trains.

Dadar station will be transformed


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