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Present 45 MLAs of UP will not be able to contest elections, Congress state president’s name too, see full list


  • UP currently has 396 MLAs
  • 3-3 MLAs of BSP-Apna Dal
  • Contains 1-1 MLAs of Congress and others

The crisis has deepened after 45 out of the present 396 MLAs of Uttar Pradesh contested the elections. In the report of Associate Democratic Reform (ADR) released on Friday, it has been revealed that charges have been framed against the sitting 45 MLAs in the MP-MLA Court. These charges have been framed in the offenses listed under Section 8(1), (2) and (3) of the RP Act (Representation of the People Act/Representation of the People Act) 1951. These MLAs will not be able to contest elections if they are sentenced to a minimum of six months in these cases.

ADR has released this report for the first time. This is important because MLAs cannot contest elections for six years after serving the sentence and release. However, the Central Election Commission has the right to decide the eligibility or ineligibility to contest elections. ADR’s chief coordinator Dr Sanjay Singh said that these include 32 MLAs from BJP, five from SP, 3 each from BSP-Apna Dal and one each from Congress and other parties.

The average number of pending criminal cases against these 45 MLAs is 13 years. A total of 63 criminal cases are pending against 32 MLAs for ten years or more. In this list, BJP MLA Ramashankar Singh from Madihan Assembly is on top, Mukhtar Ansari from Mau of BSP in second place, BJP MLA Ashok Kumar Rana from Dhampur in third place. The name of Congress State President Ajay Kumar Lallu is also included in this list.

There is already a rule of disqualification from contesting elections after framing of charges and getting a fixed sentence, but till now the cases used to go on in various courts by the political people using their influence. In most places, the framing of offenses was postponed and charges could not be framed even after protracted trial.

Rama Shankar Singh is one such name, who is facing trial for 27 years, but till date the charges have not been fixed. Mukhtar Asanari is facing trial for 26 years, Ashok Rana for 25 years, Sanjeev Raja for 24 years, Karinda Singh for 23 years, but the charges could not be framed. At the same time, information was also hidden, for example, if the crime was decided in a court, then the candidates used to hide it, but in 2018 after the order of the Supreme Court, the MP-MLA court was established and here in a period of three years only these Charges were framed against the MLAs.

These MLAs on whom charges have been framed
Name- Assembly Constituency- Party
Rama Shankar Singh-Madihan- BJP
Mukhtar Ansari- Mau-BSP
Ashok Kumar Rana-Dhampur-BJP
Surya Pratap-Pathardeva-BJP
Sanjeev Raja-Aligarh-BJP
Karinda Singh- Govardhan-BJP
Raj Kumar Pal-Pratapgarh-Apna Dal
Sureshwar Singh-Mehsi-BJP
Mo Rizwan-Kundarki-SP
(In all the three sections on the above MLAs)
Charges framed, more than 20 cases)
Amar Singh-Shohratgarh-Apna Dal
Hariram-Dudhi- Apna Dal
Umesh Malik-Oldhana-BJP
Satyaveer Tyagi-Meerut-Kithor
Manish Asija-Firozabad-BJP
Nand Kishore-Loni BJP
Devendra Singh-Kasganj-BJP
Vikram Singh-Khatauli-BJP
Dharmendra K. Singh Shakya-Shekhupur-BJP
Rajesh Mishra-Bithri Chainpur-BJP
Babu Ram-Puranpur-BJP
Manohar Lal-Mehrauni-BJP
Brij Bhushan-Charkhari-BJP
Abhay Kumar-Raniganj-BJP
Rakesh Kumar-Hendawal-BJP
Sanjay Pratap Jaiswal-Rudhauli-BJP
Ram Chandra Yadav-Rudauli-BJP
Indra Pratap-Gosaiganj-BJP
Ajay Pratap-Colonelganj-BJP Sanjay Kumar-Chail-BJP
Shri Ram-Mohammedabad Gohana-BJP
Sushil Singh-Syedarja-BJP
Ravindra Jaiswal-Varanasi U-BJP
Bhupesh Kumar-Robertsganj-BJP
Surendra Maithani-Govindnagar-BJP
Aslam Ali-Dholna-BSP
Mo Aslam-Bhinga-BSP
Ajay Kumar Lallu-Tamkuhiganj-Congress
Vijay Kumar-Gyanpur-Other Party
Rakesh Pratap Singh-Gauriganj-SP
Shailendra Yadav Lalai-Shahganj-SP
Prabhunath Yadav-Sakaldiha-SP


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