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Night Curfew implemented in UP from the night of 25 December, see what was the condition of Noida in pictures?

Corona Case in Uttar Pradesh: In view of the increasing cases of Corona in the country, the Uttar Pradesh government has implemented night curfew from the night of 25 December, which will continue till further orders.

Police officers explaining to the people who came out of the house after the implementation of night curfew in UP

In view of the increasing case of corona in the country, many states have imposed restrictions. At the same time, the new variant of Corona, Omicron, has again spread its legs in 14 states. In such a situation, the UP government has implemented night curfew on the night of 25 December from 11 am to 5 am.


On Saturday, when the police officers came out in Noida to take stock of the night curfew, they were seen explaining to the people, and the roads in Noida were seen deserted.


During the night curfew in Noida, the police gave instructions to the people roaming Logic Mall after 11:30 pm. During this, many people were also seen without masks to the police, who were left by the police after instructing them.


At the same time, after the implementation of Night Curfew in Noida, many roads appeared deserted from 11:30 pm, whereas on normal days there is movement of vehicles and people on these roads of Noida.


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Web Title : night curfew implemented in up from night of 25 december, see what was condition of noida in pictures
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