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Mumbai News: ‘Ban on Sanatan, then why silence on Raza Academy?’ Lodha asked the government

The matter of ban on Raza Academy was once again heard in the assembly. On Friday, BJP MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha asked the government in the House that those who talk of banning Sanatan Sanstha, why are they silent on the attitude of Raza Academy? Any incident happens in Bengal, nothing happens anywhere in the country. A procession is taken out in Maharashtra and the people taking out the procession are from Raza Academy, people of Jamaat. The government does not take any action against them. He said that the Hindu of Maharashtra is feeling cheated today.

In the assembly, Lodha said that the Sanatan Sanstha which is being talked about to ban, if it is searched on Google, then the picture of Aarti appears, while searching Raza Academy shows a picture of kicking on the martyr’s pillar. Is. Who is doing the work of protecting that Raza Academy? He said that around 250 innocent people were killed in the 1992 bombings. When the court sentenced the convicts, instead of being happy with the verdict, the people who wrote letters to the President in favor of the guilty are present in this House today. That letter was signed by 12 people. First take them out of the house, then talk about ban on Sanatan Sanstha.

‘No restriction on Namaz on the road’
Lodha said that during the Corona period, rules and regulations are imposed on the immersion of idols of Hindu gods and goddesses, but in the name of Namaz, every Friday the entire road is blocked and prayers are offered there. There is no restriction on that. Lodha said that if the culture survives, then the country will be saved, if the country is saved then you and I will be saved. What happened in Kashmir, what happened in Bengal should not happen in Maharashtra. He said that there was a time when the Koli community was 90 percent in the fish business, but today the picture has changed.


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