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Mixing ideas with news a ‘dangerous cocktail’, says Chief Justice NV Ramana


  • Interpretation and opinion should be avoided in factual news: Chief Justice
  • CGI spoke at the ‘Red Inks Award’ ceremony organized by Mumbai Press Club
  • Criticized for giving ‘one-of-a-kind’ to news

Mumbai, New Delhi
Chief Justice of India N V Ramana on Wednesday said a healthy democracy can progress only with a fearless and free press, but a “mixing of ideas with news is a dangerous cocktail”. The CJI also cautioned journalists against the tendency to mix ideological biases in news and said that interpretation and opinion should be avoided in factual news.

CGI spoke in Mumbai’s program
“Another trend I see in reporting these days is ideological bias and bias in news,” he said. The mix of views in the news is a dangerous cocktail. The Chief Justice was speaking at the ‘Red Inks Awards’ function organized by Mumbai Press Club through digital medium. While felicitating all the winners, he highlighted how important journalism and true reportage are for a strong democracy, while criticizing the news being given “a kind of colour”.

Ignoring the orders of the executive is a matter of concern: Chief Justice Raman
The press must repose faith in the judiciary
“In a way, journalists are like judges. You should work without being influenced by anyone beyond your ideology and belief. You should just state the facts and present a complete and true picture. Referring to the increasing trend of attacks on the judiciary, especially on social media, Justice Ramana said that the press should repose faith in the judiciary.

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save the judiciary
“The duty of the media as an important stakeholder of democracy is to protect the judiciary from the attacks of evil forces,” he said. The Chief Justice said, “We are together in mission democracy and in promoting national interests. We have to go together.


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