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Minor difference in vote share between BJP-SP in Purvanchal-Awadh… UP victory not easy for BJP


  • In the Purvanchal-Awadh region, there is a close fight between the SP and the BJP.
  • Congress in fourth place in vote share
  • There are 130 assembly seats in Purvanchal and 118 in Awadh.

All the political parties are working to ensure their victory regarding the UP Vidhansabha Election 2022. Shocking figures have come out in the survey of ABP C Voter.

According to the survey of ABP News C Voter, there is a close contest between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Samajwadi Party in Purvanchal. In the 130 assembly seats of Purvanchal, the seeds of both the parties have a difference of only 4 percent vote share. While BJP is getting 40 percent, while SP and its allies are seen getting 36 percent vote share. BSP is seen getting 12 per cent vote share and Congress 7 per cent vote share. At the same time, 5 percent vote share is seen in the share of others.

Purvanchal and Awadh region is very important for the victory of UP. While there are 130 seats in Purvanchal, there are 118 assembly seats in Awadh region. SP-BJP have full focus in both the places. Both know that if there is a victory in these two regions, then the victory of UP is certain. That is why the election focus of both the parties is in these regions.

Purvanchal Region
BJP – 40 percent
SP – 36%
Congress – 7
Others- 5

In the survey of ABP News C Voter, BJP is still leading in 118 seats of Awadh, but SP is not far behind BJP. BJP is getting 44 per cent vote share in Awadh region while SP is getting 31 per cent vote share. BSP is getting 10 per cent, Congress 8 and others are getting 7 per cent vote share.

Awadh Region (118)
BJP – 44 percent
SP – 31 percent
BSP – 10 percent
Congress – 8 percent
Others – 7 percent


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