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Manorama river above danger mark in Basti: Many embankments broken due to increased water level, villagers upset due to water logging

The water level of Manorama river in Basti is above the danger mark. The water level of the river is 19 cm above the warning label of 91.73, due to which 24 villages are flooded. Also 1500 hectares of crop has been ruined. The flood section is conducting drone survey of various embankments. About 53 km of embankments on both sides of the river are old and dilapidated, threatening hundreds of villages.

Many embankments were broken due to rising water

Due to the rise in the water level of Manorama river, the embankments of 6 villages have broken or started leaking. Many villages including Kusmour Ghat, Ajanipur, Padri, Ranigaon, Bhadasi, Kohrae, Ailhwa, Jatwalia, Karighana, Seharia, Kusmourdih, Rampur, Tedhaghat, Nagra have been hit by the floods of Manorama river. Here paddy, sugarcane, vegetable fields and water have been flooded all around the population.

Villagers are now moving to higher places

Decade-old embankments have been damaged near Kusmour Ghat, Ailwa, Tedhaghat in Parasrampur area, Ranigaon in Vikramjot block area, and Bhadasi, Sisai village of Haraiya block. The villagers have now taken refuge in higher places. Weak embankments are sinking from place to place. Although the flood water flowing from the broken embankment near Kusmour Ghat and Bhadwasi village has been stopped by the administration, but the water level of Manorama river is not taking its name. Villagers are now demanding compensation for crop damage.

Drone camera to take stock of the ground condition of the embankments

A team of officials of the flood section of the dilapidated embankment of the river took stock of the ground condition of the embankments with drone cameras over the river at four places in Vikramjot Parasurampur, Haraiya block area. The team of technical assistants, led by the junior engineers of the flood section, did physical verification to make incomplete embankment gaps at many places on both sides of the river and to make the current line of the river more strong, encroachment free. Assistant Engineer Gyandhar Prasad said that The embankments on both the banks of the Manorama river are 30 to 40 years old, whose repair and restoration work plan is being prepared, soon the river will be made encroachment free, clean water will be available.

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