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Less investment, more profit: Start these five businesses from home

In our country children are shown dreams of becoming engineers and doctors every day. Very few people tell him to grow up and do business. It’s not because there aren’t business ideas. The reason for this is the cost involved in starting a business. Often people think that you need lakhs of rupees to start a business. Today we are telling you five such ‘Zero Investment Business Ideas’, which can prove to be effective from children to elders.

By the way, it is also true that there are some works in which the cost is less. But if you have the skill, then no one can stop you from moving forward.

If you work on some things in your own home, then you can start your business with zero investment or very little investment. These jobs may be small in appearance and thinking, but if hard work is done in the right direction, then you can create a business of millions from them. The best part is that the less investment, the less risk.

1. Newspaper Bag Business

Newspaper Bag making

Whether it is a village or a city, it has become common to have newspapers in homes. Apart from reading, most of the newspaper is used for packaging. It is a cheap, sustainable and eco-friendly method. By making various types of envelopes and bags from newspapers, many people are also earning a steady income. Divya, who hails from Cochin, Kerala, says that she, along with some women, started making paper bags from home.

Women used to make paper bags from their homes and sell them to local shopkeepers. At that time a paper bag used to cost Rs. Gradually she expanded her work and started making eco friendly bags for different brands as well. She says that any woman, youth can start this work. The first thing you have to do is to see where you can supply these paperbags.

By the way, making a bag out of newspaper is very easy. Still, if you need guidance, you can learn from YouTube videos. First of all, contact the shopkeepers in the market near you that you can deliver them newspaper envelopes or packing bags. Because newspaper envelopes are needed for small and big items in all the shops. Then you start your work. While doing your daily chores, give this work for two to three hours a day.

Apart from bags, many more can be made from newspaper. Try to grow your business by learning something new everyday.

2. Embroidery Business

Nowadays hand work is in trend. Hand embroidered designed clothes, bags or jewelery are very much liked by the people. So if you know how to do embroidery work, then you can start your own small business sitting at home. In the beginning, work only with the resources available with you and when you start earning some income, then start investing in your business. Saurabh Deodhe, a resident of Pune, makes different products by doing beautiful embroidery.

He is marketing these products among the people through social media. Saurabh, with the skills of his hands, is earning up to 30 thousand rupees today. He told that his cost was very less in terms of earnings. Gradually he increased his work and today his products are sold at the cost of thousands. The interesting thing is that with embroidery you can make countless things like clothes, handkerchiefs, cushion covers, table covers, dupattas, jewellery, home-decor items etc.

You have to hone your skills first. Then think about what kind of thing you can make that people will want to buy. Prepare some samples of your products. Marketing to people around you and through social media. If you do the right thing, your business will grow every day.

3. Cooking Class Business

You can start many small and big tasks related to cooking from the kitchen of your home. If you love to cook. Especially such food items that fall in a particular category, such as continental food, bakery products, making chocolate, etc., you can also learn people. Aarti, who runs a sauce and jam business from her home in Bangalore, gives online classes to interested people.

Aarti told that earlier she started her food business. But when people started contacting her about how she makes all these things, she started taking online classes as well. However, even if you are not doing any business, you can still start your own cooking class. You first decide on your subject what you can teach others to make effectively in less time. Then prepare for your class and tell people through social media that you are doing something like this, would they like to learn?

You may get a few people’s response in the beginning. But if you keep doing this work regularly, then gradually your business will start growing.

4. Tailoring Business

Tailoring business does not mean opening a hi-fi boutique here. Rather than creating boutique-like designer clothes from home. In most homes one may or may not sew, but a sewing machine is often there. So that if ever a cloth has to be repaired a little, then you do not have to wander outside. Many girls and women in villages and small towns also know the work of sewing well. An example of this is my own city, Palwal.

In our colony, women know sewing work in about eight out of ten households. Many of them are also doing their business on a small scale. After finishing her household chores during the day, she sits down with a sewing machine and sews people’s clothes. Even if a suit is produced in a day, depending on its design, one can easily earn from Rs 150 to Rs 500-600. Nowadays many people are also posting their work on YouTube and Instagram.

Benorita Dash, who hails from Odisha, says that she learned sewing from her mother. Then gradually improved her skills and today she is running her own fashion house. So if you have a sewing machine and you know how to sew, then start doing this work from today.

5. Pickle Business

How many times after eating the pickle of your house, some relative tells you that in the next season also put pickle for us and take money. With just this one thing you can start your own pickle business. Especially those people who do gardening or cultivation of fruits and vegetables in their homes or fields. You can start your business by making pickles from fruits like mango, lemon, gooseberry to vegetables like chilli, carrot, cabbage, and radish.

In the beginning, you make pickles in small quantities and market it to the people you know. You can also contact your local shopkeepers that they can keep your pickle here. Social media is a very good medium of marketing. Ruchika Kohli, a resident of Gurugram, says that she initially told people in her society about her pickles.

When people ate the pickle made by her, she slowly started getting orders and now she is earning a good amount every month. Similarly, Kuldeep Singh, a farmer from Delhi, says that he has earned more from his lemon crop by selling it by making pickles. So what is the delay, prepare your pickle recipe from today itself and increase your work by feeding it to people.

Editing – G N Jha

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