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Kashmir: Walnuts were not sold in lockdown, so started business by making oil

In village Hassan Noor in Pahalgam area of ​​Kashmir, Ghulam Qadir Dar, a walnut and apple farmer for 40 years, always sold his produce to big traders. But during the lockdown last year, when he could not deliver the crop to the trader, his son Jasif Ahmed Dar came up with a new idea and started selling its products online.

Ghulam Qadir Dar has 50 kanals of land in Hasan Noor village. About 1200 kg of walnuts grow in their fields annually. Along with this he also cultivates Kashmiri Rice, Himalayan Garlic, Kashmiri Gourd, Rajma and Apple.

Ghulam Qadir Dar told The Better India, “The crops grown in our area have a different significance. There is a demand for the crops here across the country. But last year due to the lockdown, we could not sell our crop. In such a situation, my son started selling different products from the crop.

How the Kashmiri Products Store was started Store)

Jasif Dar

Ghulam Qadir Dar’s son Jasif has studied physical education and is a teacher in a school. But he also has great interest in agriculture. He was thinking of doing some new experiments in agriculture for a long time. Last year, when about 1000 kg of walnuts were not being sold during the lockdown, his father was forced to sell his crop at a lower price.

This was the time when he took to social media. Seeing the market demand, he started making oil from walnuts. With all

He also started preparing dry apple and dry Kashmiri gourd. Almonds do not grow in his fields, so he took almonds from other farmers and started making oil from it.

He prepares these oils manually. His machine for extracting oil from walnuts and almonds does not run on electricity, but on water.

Jasif says, “Walnuts, apples, gourds, rajma etc. are cultivated in our farm. Apart from this, I buy some other crops from nearby farmers. I prepare different products from these crops. I have started online business named Kashmiri products store. We get orders from across the country.”

kashmiri apple at farm and almond oil

Jasif further says, “I am also a mountaineer. That’s why I have friends in many states. When I started Kashmiri Products Store, my friends gave full support. It was these friends who helped me in taking my first few orders.”

Other products of Kashmir were also included.

From May 2021, he started selling kashmiri products online. They have also included popular products from Kashmir in their store. In which handicrafts including indigenous Kashmiri saffron, Kashmiri Kahwa are also included.

Jasif told that his family members prepare Kahwa at home. He sells walnut kernels for Rs 1250 a kg, while the cost of 100 grams of oil is Rs 300.

Jasif’s father says that due to online orders, last year’s remaining walnuts were sold comfortably. His entire family is engaged in this work. They have also hired a craftsman. Together they work to make oil, sun dry apple and kahua etc. at home. Which he sells with a margin of 10 to 15 percent. At the same time, some kashmiri products, they also get them made from other farmers. Jasif said that at present, almond oil and sun dry apple are in highest demand.

a kashmiri family processing their walnuts
Dar family

In the last six months, Kashmiri Products Store has earned a turnover of 10 lakhs. These days Jasif is working on making the website of his store.

Jasif hopes that after the website is built, he will get more customers.

If you want to know in detail about Kashmiri Products Store, then you can connect to their Facebook page. You can also contact Jasif on 70066 86416.

Editing – G N Jha

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