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In the Parliament of Religions, Sant Kalicharan said abusive words about Mahatma Gandhi, created a ruckus, demanded to register a case


  • Sant Kalicharan said abusive words to Mahatma Gandhi in the Parliament of Religions held in Raipur
  • Controversial video of Kalicharan Maharaj viral on social media
  • Mahant Ramsundar Das of Dudhadhari Math left the program after the controversial statement.
  • Congress, NCP, AAP and TMC leaders demand action against the saint

These days Dharma Sansad is being organized in different states of the country. Controversial statements are also coming out from all these places. Sant Kalicharan Maharaj (Kalicharan Remarks On Mahatma Gandhi) has abused the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi in the Parliament of Religions held in Raipur. Along with this, many abusive words have been said from the stage. This angered Mahant Ram Sundar Das, who came to the Parliament of Religions and left the stage. This video of Kalicharan Maharaj is viral. This is the same Maharaj whose video went viral last year while performing the Shiva Tandav.

In fact, well-known saints from all over the country had gathered in the two-day Parliament of Religions held in Raipur. It was organized at Ravanabhatha ground. During his address on Sunday, Kalicharan Maharaj has given a controversial statement. After coming on the stage, Kalicharan Maharaj said that he will rule this country, who will talk about Hindu interest. The controversial saint said that the aim of Islam is to capture our nation through politics. More recently they occupied two countries.

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After this, Kalicharan called Mahatma Gandhi abusive about the partition of Pakistan. Also praised the killer Nathuram Godse. After this, Kalicharan kept on making more inflammatory statements. Kalicharan was saying that the police is not with us. She does not support Hindus. So vote.

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The protest against this statement of Kalicharan started in the program itself. Mahant Ram Sundardas objected to Kalicharan’s statement. At the same time, he went on stage and announced his exit from the program. Along with this, he has raised questions on the organizers. He has questioned Kalicharan whether Mahatma Gandhi was such, about whom such absurd things have been said. He has demanded to register a case against Kalicharan. Mahant Ramsundar Das of Dudhadhari Math said that this cannot be our Sanatan Dharma, I distance myself from this Dharma Sansad.

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At the same time, the video of Kalicharan is now viral on social media. Controversy has started over this. All political parties have reacted sharply. Congress leaders have asked the PM that what kind of country have you made that now people are openly abusing the father of the nation. Some people have also said that Kalicharan should first prove that he is a saint or not.

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Significantly, Kalicharan is a resident of Maharashtra. In 2020, there was a lot of applause in the Bhojpur temple adjacent to Bhopal by source of Shiva Tandav. Now due to controversies are in discussion. Some people have demanded to register a case of sedition against them. Now it has to be seen what action the Raipur Police takes against this saint.

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