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HomeNationalHaryana News: CM Khattar said amidst reports of tussle with Anil Vij.

Haryana News: CM Khattar said amidst reports of tussle with Anil Vij.

Poonam Pandey, New Delhi
Since the cabinet expansion in Haryana, there is a tussle between the state Home Minister Anil Vij and Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. A day earlier, Home Minister Anil Vij expressed his displeasure and offered to resign. When asked about the tension, Chief Minister Khattar praised Anil Vij for his work in the health department, describing him as a good friend.

We are also not worried, they are also not worried – Khattar

In this regard, when NBT asked Haryana CM why Anil Vij is angry, Khattar replied that he is a senior man, we are good friends, we talk openly many times. Some is off record, some on record. As we are, so are they. If something comes to mind, then they say it. We don’t even worry, they don’t worry, if told, it’s okay, people got to know, didn’t they? Khattar said that even after being unwell due to Covid in the past, he (Vij) took care of Covid so much. He has a big contribution in controlling Covid, in taking the Health Department to this level, in taking it forward.

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Ready to leave all departments, not one or two – Vij
A day earlier, Anil Vij had offered to resign from the cabinet. Vij said that when the CM expressed his desire to take back the home department from me and keep it with him, I said that if he wants so then he can take all the departments. I said that I am ready to leave all my departments, why only one or two.

corruption at all levels
Describing how the Haryana government has eliminated duplication through family identity cards and identified ghost beneficiaries, CM Khattar said that corruption is from top to bottom at all levels. It is also at the bottom, it is also in the middle, it is also in the government employees, it is also in the public, it is also in the leaders, it is also in big companies. Wherever there is a stake, there is corruption. He said that this is a fact. how to fix it. It requires will power. I have that willpower.

Khattar is learning Japanese
Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar told that I did the school certificate in Tamil. Nowadays I am learning Japanese language. He said that from the point of view of industry, we have a large number of Japanese here. Whenever he talks to them, he feels that a word of his language also comes. There are business-to-business, government-to-business relationships, but if you want to make a heart-to-heart relationship with someone, then the words spoken in their language make an impact.

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