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Hang him, it doesn’t matter, don’t regret abusing Gandhiji… ‘Abusive’ Kalicharan released the video


  • Kalicharan Maharaj releases eight minute video
  • Kalicharan said that I do not regret abusing
  • Raipur police registered an FIR regarding the controversial statement
  • Kalicharan has said that hang me also, it doesn’t matter

The words of Kalicharan Maharaj, who abused the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi in the Dharma Sansad in Raipur, have not changed. Kalicharan has released a video after the FIR was registered in Raipur. At the same time, he has said that I have no regrets for abusing Mahatma Gandhi. Even if you hang me, my tone will not change. Kalicharan said that I am an opponent of Gandhi, there is no difference from such an FIR, there is no remorse. I hate Gandhi. I am hanged for this, that too is acceptable.

In fact, in the Dharma Sansad program of Raipur on Sunday, Sant Kalicharan had bowed down to Godse, the assassin of Gandhi, while abusing Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. Now Kalicharan Maharaj has done the work of adding fuel to the fire by putting another video on social media. Regarding the FIR, Kalicharan said that there is no remorse for abusing Gandhi, I hate Gandhi. What has Gandhi done for Hindus?

In the Parliament of Religions, Sant Kalicharan said abusive words about Mahatma Gandhi, created a ruckus, demanded to register a case
accused of spreading dynasty
Kalicharan, using words like spreading the root of dynasty to Mahatma Gandhi, said that Congress has done the work of promoting dynasty. Along with this, Kalicharan said in contemptuous words towards Mahatma Gandhi that if the power was handed over to Sardar Patel instead of Pandit Nehru, the country would have been ahead of America, the country would have been a golden bird.

Case filed against ‘Abusive’ Sant Kalicharan Maharaj, abusing Mahatma Gandhi and saluted Godse
Kalicharan in his video is saying that talents were not allowed to grow inside the Congress. Talents like Jyotiraditya Scindia have been suppressed. Calling Mahatma Gandhi the father of Congress dynasty, Kalicharan said that it is not the father of nationalism, so he does not consider him as the President.


Along with this, Kalicharan accused Mahatma Gandhi of not stopping the hanging of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, etc. He said that no one can be the father of the nation. If you want to make the father of the nation, then people like Chhatrapati Shivaji, Rana Pratap and Sardar Patel should be made, who did the work of uniting the Rashtrakul. He blamed Gandhi for the partition of the country.


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