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Growing Rudraksh: You can easily plant Rudraksh in a pot

In the last few years, the trend of Rudraksha has increased a lot among the people. Earlier people used to wear Rudraksha because of their religious faith but nowadays it is also becoming a fashion and trendy style for many people. It is in great demand not only in India but also abroad. But even today the Rudraksha plant is considered rare and people feel that it is not possible to plant it at home. That’s why today we are telling you how you can plant a Rudraksh plant in your home or garden (How To Grow Rudraksha).

Anurabha Mani Tripathi of Gorakhpur, who has been doing horticulture for the last several years, has planted a Rudraksh plant along with greens, vegetables, flowers in his house. That too in a pot. Yes, people often think that Rudraksha plants cannot be planted in pots, but it is not so. You can pot it, but you’ll need to repot it from time to time so the plant has enough room to grow.

The Better India Talking to Anubhav said, “First of all people should know to identify the real and correct Rudraksha. Because, Rudraksha also has an ornamental variety. Rudraksha has commercial value, so many people cheat in it. So if you are buying a Rudraksh plant, always buy from a trusted person or nursery.”

Identify it like this:

  • Rudraksha leaves are similar to mango leaves in appearance, but mango leaves are a bit hard and Rudraksha soft.
  • If the Rudraksh tree has become very big and leaves are falling from it, then an eye-like structure starts forming at the place from where the leaf is broken.
  • The blossoms (flowers) appear on the developed Rudraksha plant in the summer season.
  • Very large flowers come in Ornamental Rudraksha, but small flowers come in real Rudraksha.

Anurabha further says that people often think that Ekmukhi or Panchmukhi Rudraksha is placed on different trees. But it is not so, because all these different Rudraksha are placed on the same tree. By the way, Rudraksha can also be planted from seed. But if you want your plant to grow quickly and produce flowers and fruits. So you should plant it from cuttings or you can buy grafted plant from nursery. But before buying a plant, know about it properly and buy a plant from a trusted place.

How to grow Rudraksha from cutting:

Rudraksha Plant and Fruit in a grow bag

He says that if you want to plant Rudraksh from cuttings, then plant it in the beginning of winter. You should take a cutting of about eight inches, the size of a pencil, from the Rudraksh tree. Make sure that the branch from which you are taking the cutting is neither raw nor completely dry.
* To plant the cutting, you should take a pot of at least 10 inches.

*In this you have to prepare potting mix by mixing 40% normal garden soil, 20% dry leaf compost, 10% red soil, 10% sand and 20% dung manure or earthworm manure.

* Now press about half of the cutting into the potting mix. And spray water from above.

*Anurabh says that it may take a month for the cuttings to develop, so be patient and keep watering regularly.

*After about a month, when you start seeing leaves on the top of the cutting, it means roots are forming in it.

He adds that you don’t need to repot the cuttings for a year. If you have made the potting mix as Anubh suggests, then you do not even need to add any more fertilizers for a year. But if you do not have all these things available, then you can use soil, compost and sand.

But keep in mind that the potting mix for Rudraksh plant should be strict. Rudraksha plant likes sunlight, so keep it in such a place where sunlight comes well. From about a year onwards, you can start spraying the micronutrients on the plant.

Always take care of watering in summer, because in summer the plant needs more water. Similarly, you can plant a plant brought from nursery in a pot. With the right care, your plant will grow well and in a year or two it will start producing flowers and fruits. Rudraksha plant flowers in summer and its fruits start ripening by December.

You can also watch Anurabh’s video on this topic here!

Happy Gardening.

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