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Fierce explosion in Muzaffarpur factory, 6 workers got ragged … the administration was also shaken after seeing the painful scene

Sandeep Kumar, Muzaffarpur
The industrial area of ​​Muzaffarpur in Bihar was shaken by a loud explosion on Sunday. The explosion was so terrible that 6 laborers died painfully on the spot. Many people are also injured. The blast took place at a factory manufacturing noodles and snacks. The reason for the explosion was a sudden burst of boiler.

big accident in muzaffarpur
In the early hours of Sunday, Bela Industrial Area Phase II of Muzaffarpur shook with a loud bang. The blast took place there in a factory making noodles and snacks. It is being told that during the work itself, suddenly the boiler of the factory exploded with a loud sound. During this, many people working there got scorched due to this.

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Administration, doctors and rescue team reached the spot
As soon as the news of the blast was received, the fire brigade and SDRF team along with the administrative officers reached the spot and started the rescue work. Meanwhile, a team of doctors from SKMCH also reached there with an ambulance.

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6 killed, 10 injured in blast
The explosion was so terrible that 6 laborers died painfully on the spot. There were such horrific conditions inside the factory that if a worker got only his hand, then only someone’s foot. By the time the news was written, 6 laborers had died in this terrible accident. At the same time, 10 laborers got badly burnt and they have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. The adjacent chuda and flour factory has also been damaged due to the blast. The explosion was so strong that two people working in the adjacent factory were also injured. The incident is said to have happened around 10 am.

The blast felt like an earthquake – eyewitnesses
Nearby people told that the explosion was so terrible that even the surrounding earth shook. People thought that there was an earthquake. But as soon as he came out of the house, a painful scene spread in front of him. People later came to know that the earth was shaken by the boiler explosion.


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