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Even after death, the father’s wish was respected, he gave shelter to the birds by making a garden with hard work

Who does not like to live near trees and nature? In such a situation, if there is a beautiful garden at home, where you can enjoy nature with family members, then how good? One such garden has been built at the house of Sejal Kansara, a resident of Petlad (Gujarat). However, the reason behind making this beautiful garden is even more spectacular. This place behind his house was lying vacant for years. But due to lack of time and knowledge of gardening, he was unable to do much.

His father, Rajinikanth Kansara, was a government official and he always wanted to build a beautiful garden there. Today Rajinikanth is no more in this world, but there is definitely ‘Rajni Upvan’ named after him. During the lockdown, his son started making this beautiful garden and today hundreds of trees and plants are planted here. Many birds along with the family are also enjoying this beautiful park.

Sejal, who runs a general store, did not have much experience in gardening. The Better India He told, “Since I was making this garden in memory of my father. So I started planting saplings by properly designing this 1600 square feet space by taking right information from internet and nursery.”

Family members got picnic spot at home

This space behind his house was lying vacant for years. Rajinikanth wanted it not to be used to build a house, but to make a garden. Sejal told that he sometimes used to grow something there out of hobby. At that place was his house, which was torn down years ago. Later he did not do any construction there. Sejal explains, “Whenever we used to go there to clean, Papa would always talk about making a garden at that place. During the lockdown, when I was doing cleaning work there, I remembered my father’s words and started working.

Although earlier, he had not even told this to his family members. He wanted to surprise his mother. In February 2021, on the day of his father’s birthday, he got the garden inaugurated by his mother named ‘Rajni Upvan’. Everyone liked this garden very much. Sejal told that the family members were shocked to see the rejuvenation of this lying vacant place.

There are hundreds of trees and plants in this garden.

eco friendly  garden

He started making this garden by preparing the land. After about a month, Sejal started planting saplings. At present, along with herbs like Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Aparajita, Ajwain, 3-4 types of hibiscus, Neem, Ashok, Mango, Lemon are planted in his garden. He puts vermicompost in it for proper growth of plants. Along with this, he has also started planting vegetables now.

Some plants have grown in the ground, some have been planted in pots. Since Sejal is fond of painting, she along with her elder brother’s daughters has also made many pots and Worli paintings on the walls of the garden, which have added to this beautiful garden.

He says, “Now whenever relatives or friends come to the house, we take them to the Rajni park for lunch.”

Beautiful eco-system created in one year


Sejal loves to travel. Also, he is very fond of birds. So when he thought of building a garden, he wanted the garden to be home to his family members as well as birds. He started collecting information from the internet on which tree the birds come more and that is the reason why he planted more fruit plants. Many birds started coming here because of its fragrance. Today 50 to 60 birds and many other birds have started coming to his garden. Sejal has also built several nests for them.

Till one time he had no knowledge of growing plants, but today he takes care of all these plants himself. He regularly composts all the fallen leaves in the garden. Fertilize all the plants every 15 days. Neem oil is sprayed as an insecticide.

gardening at home with colorful pots

From this beautiful home made garden, his mother gets different types of flowers for worship every day. On the other hand, on holidays, everyone eats together in the garden. For this, Sejal has also made special dining arrangements.

This beautiful garden built in the memory of the father is truly unique. You can visit her Facebook page to know more about Rajni Upvan.

Editing – Archana Dubey

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