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Eknath Khadse News: Eknath Khadse’s daughter attacked, Rohini Khadse narrowly escaped


  • NCP leader Eknath Khadse’s daughter Rohini Khadse attacked
  • Rohini Khadse’s car was attacked by five people
  • Rohini Khadse’s car was attacked with a big stone
  • Five unknown people attacked last night at 8 o’clock

Rohini Khadse, daughter of veteran NCP leader and former minister Eknath Khadse, has been attacked by five unidentified people in Jalgaon district. Rohini Khadse narrowly escaped this deadly attack. The attack on his car happened around 8 pm last night. According to the information, Rohini was going from Khadse Manegaon to Muktainagar. Then unidentified assailants attacked his car. During this, Rohini Khadse was accompanied by her personal assistant Pandurang Naphde and the driver in the car. The attackers hit the glass of his car with a big stone. The attackers fled after the attack.

Struggle between Shiv Sena and NCP
For the past few days, there is a struggle between Shiv Sena and NCP leaders in Muktainagar seat of Jalgaon. The attack on Rohini Khadse is also being linked to this struggle. After this attack, a crowd of supporters gathered at the bungalow of Eknath Khadse.

Suspicion on Shiv Sena MLA

Eknath Khadse has targeted local Shivsena MLA Chandrakant Patil for the attack on his daughter. Khadse said attacks on women would not be tolerated. It is very important to investigate the people of criminal nature of such people.

will talk to the chief minister
Eknath Khadse said that the NCP workers tried hard to win the election of Chandrakant Patil as MLA. Today the same MLA is harassing the NCP office bearers and workers. The Chief Minister will also be demanded to take appropriate and strict action regarding the attack on Rohini Khadse.

Women safe on the land of Sant Muktai?
Rohini Khadse has also reacted sharply to the attack on her. Tagging Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, Supriya Sule, Ajit Pawar on Twitter, he has questioned whether women will be safe on the land of Sant Muktai?

Attack on Rohini Khadse


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