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Chhatarpur Leopard Video: Silence spreads on the streets of Chhatarpur in the evening, more than 50 hours have passed, a hungry leopard roaming freely in the city


  • More than two days passed, leopard roaming in the city
  • More than 50 videos viral roaming the streets
  • Forest Department claimed a day ago – Leopard left the city
  • After the claim of the department, it was seen in CCTV at many places.

In Chhatarpur (Chhatarpur News) district of Madhya Pradesh, there has been a fear of a leopard for the last two days. Leopard in Chhatarpur City has been seen roaming in residential areas many times. People are so scared that they have stopped even coming out of their homes in the evening. It has been more than 50 hours since the leopard entered the city, but the forest department has neither caught nor rescued the leopard so far.

At present there is an atmosphere of silence in Chhatarpur city. As soon as the night falls, the leopard starts roaming the streets by roaring. More than 50 CCTV footages of people walking on the streets have come to the fore. These are viral on social media (Chhatarpur Leopard Viral Video). In the evening, people lock themselves and their children in their homes. In broad daylight, they are only going out in fear.

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Videos of leopard walking are going viral while the forest department’s team has announced its move out of the city a day earlier. This raises questions about the working style of the department. Videos of leopards roaming the streets were coming to the fore just when the forest department was announcing his move out of the city.

Forest department could not catch in 50 hours
It has been more than 50 hours since the leopard entered the city. The leopard has entered the city within five kilometers. The officers of the forest department officials are also constantly changing their statements. The officials are also not sure about the location. A day earlier, the department had issued an advisory saying that the leopard had left the city and went towards the forest. After a while he was caught walking on a CCTV near Panna Naka in the city.

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People stopped leaving the house at night
Leopard starts roaming the streets of the city as soon as night falls. It is mostly seen in places where overcrowding is high. People are not trusting even the Forest Department officials. Leopard’s favorite hunting dog. So far, not a single dog poaching case has been reported. That means he is hungry. In such a situation, the leopard can be more dangerous. He can attack a person on sight. That’s why people are more scared.


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