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CG News : The singing hour of the capital was recorded in records like Limca and India Book, today the machine was damaged


The Ghari Chowk of Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, has a different identity of its own. At one time this singing bell was known as Ghar. By reaching near it, people used to feel themselves standing in the midst of Chhattisgarhi culture. Lokdhun used to be heard here 24 hours a day. But today this singing bell has become a victim of machinery flaws. The name of these Ghanta Ghar has been recorded in Limca Book of Records and India Book of Records.

Ghanta Ghar Chowk, situated in the heart of Raipur, was a well-known place of the capital. Even today very few people know that round o clock used to play Chhattisgarhi folk tunes on the clock installed here. In 2009, it was included in the Limca Book of Records and India Book of Records after playing continuously. It was believed to be an unbroken record. After which it came to be known as Singing Ghanta Ghar.
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The city clock was installed on a 50 feet high pillar in this historic clock square on 19 December 1995. At that time, after the clock was completed in a clock running mechanically behind the dial, the capital used to resonate with the loud sound of the brass bell mounted on the height of the clock. To keep running continuously, the key was filled once a day. On 26 January 2008, the RDA replaced it with an electronic clock to which the musical system was added.

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This 24-hour machine was brought from Japan. Which was associated with Chhattisgarhi folk tune so that the people here can feel connected with the culture here. Every hour from 4 o’clock in the morning used to play folk tune which was composed by Rakesh Tiwari. Here Jasgeet at 4 am, Ramdhuni at 5 pm, Bhojli at 6 pm, Panthi dance at 7 am, Dadriya at 8 am, Devar Geet at 9 am, Karma at 10 am, Bhadauni at 11 am. Sua Geet at 12 noon, Bharthari at 1 pm, Danda Dance at 2 pm, Phag Geet at 3 pm, Chandaini at 4 pm, Pandwani at 5 pm, Raut Nacha at 6 pm, Gaura at 7 pm. Parab at 8 o’clock, Aalha at 9 o’clock, Nacha at 10 o’clock, Kamar at 11 o’clock, Sarhul at 12 o’clock, Bamboo Geet at 1 o’clock, Dhola Maru at 2 o’clock, Sohar Geet at 3 o’clock.
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A lot of effort was made to repair the machine brought from Japan after it was damaged, but success was not successful in repairing the machine.


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