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By making irrigation system from waste glucose bottles and pots, 500 saplings were planted across the village

Everyone imagines that there should be greenery around us, but such people are very few, who take steps for this noble cause. Today we are going to introduce you to a person from Chhattisgarh who is not only doing plantation but also taking care of plants in a unique way.

This inspiring story is of Bhoj Kumar Sahu, a resident of Deori village in Balod district of Chhattisgarh. Bhoj Kumar says that he got the inspiration to do something for the environment from another environment lover, Virendra Singh from Balod district.

Bhoj Kumar told The Better India, “I have been working on plantation for the past several years. It is true that Chhattisgarh has a lot of forest area. But due to the negligence of the administration and public society, in the last few years, the environment has suffered a lot. That’s why today many people are coming forward for the environment. When I heard about Virendra ji and his work, I felt that I should also do something in this direction.

Bhoj Kumar Sahu

The most interesting thing is that he is motivating people not only to plant trees but also to take care of them. Hundreds of saplings planted by him are turning into dense trees and giving shade to the people. Bhoj Kumar keeps some part of his salary every month for environmental and social work.

Started with seven plants

Bhoj Kumar says, “My father is a simple farmer but he emphasized on the education of us brothers and sisters. I have done my graduation in Pharmacy and currently working as Radiographer at Community Health Center of Dongargaon in Rajnandgaon.

However, Bhoj Kumar’s work got the most recognition when he took seven saplings from the girl child in his marriage. Regarding this, he said, “I am against dowry. It is a social curse. I thought why not give a good message to the people from my marriage itself. That’s why I asked my in-laws for seven plants as a gift at the wedding. Together with his wife, Khushboo, all these plants were planted in different places in his village itself. Today these plants are growing well.”

Apart from these seven plants, Bhoj Kumar has planted more than 500 trees so far and more people are coming forward inspired by him. Presently, P.L., who is working as the Deputy Director of Administrative Academy in Nimora. Yadav explains, “Bhoj Kumar is very fond of nature. I remember, when my posting was in his area, he once came to me with a complaint that someone had damaged the trees planted by him. And he got emotional while telling me. I myself have seen that he does not just plant and leave them but takes care of them like a child.

Plantation in Chhattisgarh

Irrigation in a unique way

Bhoj Kumar told that his efforts are to work together with the Gram Panchayat. So that the planted plants can be well taken care of. He said, “It is not my aim to plant only saplings. That plant should become a tree, it is necessary. Actually the plants need care for the first one or two years. After that, they themselves start developing.”

He has also come up with a unique trick to take care of plants. Regarding this, he said, “I had seen a news from Madhya Pradesh, in which it was told that a drip irrigation system was made from glucose bottles to irrigate plants outside a temple. It also consumes less water and costs less. So I adopted this method to irrigate the plants I got on my wedding.”

Bhoj Kumar is working at the health centre, where a large number of glucose bottles go into the garbage. “I collected some bottles from this garbage and cleaned them and took them with me to the village. There I put these bottles near the plants with the help of a wood in such a way that the roots of the plants get water drop by drop. There have been many advantages in this method. We all know that drip system provides better irrigation with less water. This allows the roots of plants to get moisture for a longer period of time,” he said.

Using Discarded Glucose Bottles and Pots for Drip Watering System

Apart from this, he is also adopting the Matka Tapak method. He told that after planting the sapling first, ‘Treeguard’ is planted around it. Then a hole is made in the bottom of an earthen pot and placed over this ‘treeguard’. Water is released once the pitcher is filled and water is supplied to the plants drop by drop from the hole.

Bhoj Kumar claims that about two-three liters of water is spent on watering the plant in a normal way, but only one liter is used by the drip system. They have also got good success with this method.

Make 500 ‘seed balls’

Bhoj Kumar says that this year he has prepared 500 seed balls for planting in the rainy season. To prepare the seed ball, small balls are made by mixing dung manure, soil and adding water to it. Seeds of trees like Karanj, Ashok, Tamarind, Kaner are put in this ball. Then these balls are dried in the shade and when the rainy season comes, they are put on the side of the roads, in the mountains or in the forests so that in the rainy season these seeds germinate and become plants and save the nature by becoming trees.

They started making seed balls from the month of June and now distributing these seed balls to different people. He told that for the past many years, he also presents plants to the people as a gift. Their aim is to be as close to nature as possible and to connect people with environmental protection.

The Better India appreciates Bhoj Kumar’s efforts and we hope many will take inspiration from him.

Editing – G N Jha

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