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BJP leaders engaged in gathering lakhs of people in Amit Shah’s public meeting, oblivious to PM’s appeal

Sudhanshu Mishra, Hardoi
On Tuesday, Amit Shah will address a public meeting at GIC ground in Hardoi district of UP, for which BJP leaders have been united day and night to mobilize the crowd, while in view of the third wave of Corona, on the one hand, where PM people While appealing to the people to be vigilant and a new guide line has also been issued by the state government, BJP leaders are busy mobilizing more than one lakh crowd for the public meeting of the Union Home Minister.

In the public meeting of former national president Amit Shah, who is called Chanakya of BJP, all the eight MLAs and both the MPs have been entrusted with the responsibility of bringing at least twenty thousand people from their area. At the same time, many people from the city area will also gather in the public meeting being held in the middle of the city. According to a possibility, more than 1.5 lakh people will gather in this rally.

Loudspeakers installed at every intersection
The ground where the Home Minister will address the public meeting can accommodate around 80,000 people. There is another ground near the ground itself, in which about twenty to twenty five thousand people can stand, then if all these are added then the number reaches about one lakh. At the same time, the way BJP leaders are working to mobilize the crowd, it seems that about two lakh people can come to the city. In such a situation, loudspeakers have been installed at every intersection for those who will not be able to reach the ground.

MLAs are busy for show of strength
In the last UP Vidhansabha Elections, the BJP had captured all the seats except the Sadar seat. At the same time, Nitin Agarwal, who won on the SP ticket from Sadar seat in the last election, is now in the BJP camp. In the upcoming elections, the possibility of getting tickets of many BJP MLAs is also being expressed. In such a situation, all the MLAs are trying to show their power by bringing more and more people from their area. The MLAs have made arrangements for fifty to hundred buses for this. Apart from this, small four wheelers are also mobilizing in large numbers. Banners containing photos of MLAs will also be seen on all vehicles.

Invitation being given by giving yellow rice
To make the public meeting successful, many leaders of the state are camping, who are giving directions by holding meetings one after the other. State General Secretary Amarpal Maurya, District In-charge Prakash Pal, District President Saurabh Mishra are inviting the enlightened society to come by giving yellow rice to the rally. Along with this, the officers and workers of the district organization have been asked to go to their respective areas and invite people from house to house to attend the rally.

BJP leader said this on Covid protocol
District in-charge Prakash Pal claims that this rally is going to be historic and the entire district will gather in this rally. Pal said that in order to follow the Covid protocol, people will be screened first at the entrance of the public meeting place and it will also be necessary to wear masks. He told that the workers coming by buses and other vehicles have also been asked to wear masks.


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