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BJP high command in wait and watch mode on Nitish’s ‘quarrel’ with JDU, is something big going to happen in Bihar after UP elections?

The way in which the leaders of the constituent parties of the ruling coalition in Bihar have been making rhetoric in recent days, it is clear that all is not well between the constituents. Here we are talking about BJP and JDU. In fact, for the last few days, there is a rhetoric between the BJP and Nitish Kumar’s JDU leaders regarding prohibition of liquor and Emperor Ashoka. In the midst of all this, Nitish Kumar is offered to come along in gestures and gestures from the opposition party RJD. In the midst of all this development, the BJP high command is in the mode of wait and watch. In such a situation, the question is arising whether something big is going to happen in Bihar after the UP elections?

In fact, if we look at the statements of the recent JDU and BJP leaders, it is clear that all is not well in the alliance. For example, consider the issue of prohibition. BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal gave advice to JDU spokesperson Abhishek Jha on a statement on the issue of prohibition.

‘The role of prohibition and police will be understood’
Jaiswal said, ‘Go out of the world of media and contact any common person of your panchayat. Prohibition of liquor and the role of police will be understood. Jaiswal wrote in his Facebook post, ‘It is not his tendency to respond to personal allegations. I came to know that JD(U) spokesperson Abhishek Jha is seeking answers after going to his Lok Sabha constituency after his death due to spurious liquor. JD(U) spokesperson’s questioning tells me that this is JDU’s statement, because the spokesperson keeps the party’s views and not his personal. Jaiswal further wrote that he had gone to the homes of relatives of those who died of spurious liquor and will continue to go further. Will also help financially. If someone dies after drinking spurious liquor, it is certainly a crime, but it cannot wash away the stain of administrative failure. Being the head of a constituent party of the government, I also have a failure. He had gone to meet those poor people as a human being. A little help has also been given to the victims’ families, because the culprits were about to die and not their relatives. Jaiswal has already talked about reviewing the prohibition law.

‘Jaiswal’s statement is BJP’s stand on prohibition?’
After this statement of Jaiswal, JDU spokesperson Abhishek Jha said that should it be understood that what Sanjay Jaiswal is speaking against prohibition is the stand of BJP?

BJP is not shying away from showing its status to allies
If we look at the rhetoric from the leaders of BJP, the number two party in Bihar, it is clear that BJP is not lagging behind in telling its allies their status. Recently, BJP, showing mirror to other regional parties including its ally JDU, has advised those doing politics by sitting on the shoulders of others in gestures and gestures.

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BJP OBC Morcha National General Secretary cum Bihar BJP Spokesperson Dr. Nikhil Anand said that regional parties have generally not hurt India’s society, politics, nation’s pride and dignity as much as no one has. He said that regional parties are usually either family parties or private pocket shops. First of all, their so-called self-styled national leaders, they only create an ideological pomp. On the basis of this ideological rhetoric, these regional parties and leaders make a medium of debauchery, extortion, propaganda for themselves and in the name of politics only create gangs. He said, doing politics by doing ‘bargain’ is in their habit. Such political parties usually associate themselves with some national political party in the national context and ride on their shoulders and start showing themselves as higher and bigger. Such political parties should also measure their stature and should also look in their own pocket. He, however, also said that he was not referring to any particular political party or its leader.

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‘Otherwise the public does not take a while to dust off’
JDU did not like this statement of the BJP leader. JDU spokesperson Nikhil Mandal hit back at the BJP leader’s statement, saying that a leader’s stature is not determined by the size of his party, but by his personality. People will give importance to you only when the deeds will be good, otherwise the public does not take a while to mow the dust.

‘…then JDU can fight the UP elections by breaking away from the alliance’
Now looking at the UP elections, here BJP-JDU are ready to contest the elections in alliance. The list of 105 candidates has been released by the BJP but the names of the candidates of JDU have not been announced. Whereas before the release of the BJP’s list, JDU had clearly said that the BJP high command should announce the seats as soon as possible, otherwise JDU may separate from the alliance and contest the UP elections.

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JDU’s Principal General Secretary and Uttar Pradesh in-charge KC Tyagi has clearly said that, ‘We want both the parties to have an alliance in UP as well and Union Minister RCP Singh has asked Amit Shah, JP Nadda, Rajnath Singh and Dharmendra Pradhan. Spoke to. I have also spoken to UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the list of seats was asked from his side which we have handed over.

One thing is clear on all this sequence of events that till now no statement has come from the BJP high command, nor has they interfered in it. The rhetoric continues from the leaders of both the parties.


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