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Be alert in the evening! Leopard roaming in the city of Lucknow, escaped from the trap

People are in panic after the incident of leopard sighting in the densely populated area of ​​Lucknow. The leopard that entered the Gudamba area escaped by dodging the forest department and the police team in the early hours of Sunday. Earlier, the leopard was seen roaming in the surrounding area.

Lucknow Divisional Forest Officer Ravi Kumar Singh said on Sunday that the forest department and the police team had set a trap after seeing the leopard in an empty plot surrounded by boundary walls in Kalyanpur area, but it escaped after dodging the team at around 3 am. During this, some people have also received minor injuries due to his attack.

He said that the leopard is in a very densely populated area with many vacant plots surrounded by boundary walls. He is being searched in all of them too. Divisional Forest Officer Singh said that the leopard could not be sedated due to darkness in the night. Now if he is detected during the day, an attempt will be made to catch him unconscious.

LIVE Video: Leopard escaped after breaking the trap in Lucknow’s colony, attacked the photographer

He has appealed to the people of the area not to come out of their house especially in the evening, stay in groups and not enter any place suddenly as the leopard may be hiding. Although the leopard’s approach has not yet seemed aggressive, but still great caution has been advised.

It is worth noting that a leopard was seen in the densely populated Kalyanpur area in the Gudamba police station area of ​​the capital Lucknow in the early hours of Saturday. His photographs were captured in the CCTV footage of a private local hospital. Apart from this, his pictures were also captured in the CCTV cameras installed in the surrounding areas. There is a lot of panic among the people of the area due to the news of the presence of leopard in the area.

Leopard seen in dense population


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