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Amidst the threat of Omicron, from January 3, 15-18 year olds will get corona vaccine, PM Modi announced

New Delhi
Amid fears of a third wave of corona and rising cases of the new variant Omicron in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that from January 3 next year, a vaccination campaign will be started for adolescents between the ages of 15 and 18 years. Along with this, from January 10, on the advice of doctors, health and frontline personnel, people above the age of 60 years suffering from other serious diseases, as a precautionary dose of vaccines will be started. Although he did not mention the booster dose, he named it as a precaution dose.

The Prime Minister made these announcements in his address to the nation. On this occasion, he requested the countrymen to avoid any kind of rumor and be alert to the new form of Corona, Omicron. He said that the children who are between the age of 15 years to 18 years, now vaccination will start in the country. In the year 2022, it will be started from Monday on January 3.

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He said that this decision will not only strengthen the country’s fight against the corona virus, but will also reduce the worries of the children going to schools and colleges and their parents. Recalling the contribution of health workers and frontline personnel in the fight against Corona, the Prime Minister said that they played a huge role in keeping the country safe.

The Prime Minister said that the government has decided that precaution doses of the vaccine will also be started for healthcare and frontline workers. It will be started in 2022, on January 10, Monday.

Vaccine For Children In India: From January 3, children of 15 to 18 years will get corona vaccine, know the big things of PM Modi’s address to the nation
At the same time, Prime Minister Modi announced that for citizens above 60 years of age with other serious diseases, the option of precaution doses of the vaccine on the advice of their doctor will be available to them as well. This too will be available from January 10.

He said that India’s fight against Corona has been based on scientific principles, scientific advice and scientific method from the very beginning and all these decisions have also been taken keeping in view the experiences of the scientists so far. The Prime Minister said that according to its situation and situation, India has taken vaccination and other decisions only on the suggestion of the scientists of India.

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Referring to Omicron, he said that its discussion is going on in full swing and its experience in the world is also different and estimates are also different. He said that the scientists of India are also keeping a close watch on this and are working on it. Significantly, so far a total of 415 cases of Omicron form of corona virus have been reported in India, out of which 115 people have become healthy or have left the country.

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