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Amazing of Hyderabad doctors, girl suffering from rare disease was operated upon and saved her life

The doctors of Hyderabad have shown such work that they are being praised everywhere. Doctors at Hyderabad’s Kamineni Hospital performed a rare surgery on a 3-year-old girl and saved her life. The best part is that the baby’s surgery was successful. For this, a team of doctors worked very closely and operated the child. In fact, the baby had a rare disease called Gelastic Seizures, which occurs in only one in every 200,000 babies. Doctors in India do not even have much information about this disease.

The girl was suffering from a rare disease

The 3-year-old girl was suffering from a rare disease called Gelastic Seizures. In this disease, the patient laughs without any real reason or condition. As the disease progresses, it turns into seizures and can lead to the death of the patient. Glastic seizures are usually present in childhood, even in the neonatal period. Studies show that these are very rare and only one in every 200,000 children suffers from this abnormality. The parents of the girl visited many hospitals to get rid of this disease, but with the increasing time, the visits of the girl were increasing. Earlier there was a seizure once in a month, but now the girl started having seizures every minute 5-6 times in a day and many times. The doctors were also shocked and upset to see the condition of the girl child.

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There was wound and decomposition in the child’s brain

High-end 3T MRI imaging of the brain was followed by a sub-centimeter lesion in the hypothalamus (a part of the brain that contains many small nuclei that perform a variety of functions). After which work was started on hypothalamic hamartoma, and anti-seizure drugs. A team of a neurosurgeon, neurophysician, pediatrician and endocrinologist began treatment of the child. The endocrinologist diagnosed the child to have reached puberty (corresponding to the age of 8 years) because the neurons in the tumor release a heterotopic hormone (GnRH). act as a pulse-generator. Dr Ramesh, Consultant, Minimal Access Brain and Spine Surgeon, Kamineni Hospitals said that the parents of the child were informed about the condition, rarity of the disease, need for surgery and the risks involved. Other modalities of treatment were explained to the parents. After a thorough consultation, the child’s treatment was started. Craniotomy and tumor removal were done using navigation.

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