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7th pass made sandalwood paste making machine, many big temples bought

We all know that sandal wood is in great demand in the market, as it is versatile. In our country, the use of sandalwood is very much in the cosmetics sector, along with worship. Therefore, nowadays farmers are planting some sandalwood trees in their fields as an investment for the future. Because the business area associated with sandalwood is very wide.

But at the same time, there are some problems like sandalwood paste requires a lot of grinding to make it. Especially in temples, where sandalwood is used in large quantities every day. That’s why many people sit and rub sandalwood for hours. This work is a small thing to say, but if you sit to do it, it takes a lot of time and effort. Keeping this problem of people in mind, a person living in Shendurni, Jalgaon in Maharashtra has made a special machine to make sandalwood paste.

75-year-old Subhash Jagtap has made many small and big machines till now. That’s why people know him as an inventor. He has also been honored by the National Innovation Foundation. While talking to The Better India, Subhash told how while making the body of the truck, he started making agricultural machines and machines according to the need of the people. Today, due to his inventions, he is able to do business worth lakhs.

Subhash Jagtap with a machine he made

Subhash is only seventh pass

Growing up at his maternal uncle’s house in his childhood, Subhash says that his father used to work in the railways. “He was a turner in the railways and was working in the railways since the time of the British government. Almost everyone in the family on Dad’s side was on the railways. But Mamaji used to drive trucks and he had many of his own trucks.”

Subhash was not much interested in studies and hence he studied only till the seventh standard. But he knew a lot to learn. He says, “Nobody ever taught me about trucks. I just look closely at the things happening around me and work with inspiration from there. Similarly, since childhood, I used to see what parts are in the truck. How are they made and what are the things needed.

However, when Subhash left his studies, the family worried about what he would do now. That’s why his father got him engaged in the railways. But he did not like the work of railways. Because he wanted to do something different. He says, “To be honest, after many years I understood what I really wanted to do. And this is when I first made an agricultural machine for a farmer friend of mine.”

Subhash Jagtap old picture with his friend
Subhash Jagtap with a friend and an agricultural machine made for him

But before that he did many minor works. Sometimes in a shop and sometimes in a garage. About 40 years ago he started his own work. He started his own small workshop and started doing fabrication of trucks.

The first agricultural machine was made for a friend

Subhash says that due to this work, his house was running well. But he repeatedly felt that he should do something else. Meanwhile, one day one of his farmer friend, Gopal came to his house. He says, “My friend told him that he has to make a bicycle for plowing the field. He did not have money to buy bullocks or tractors. In such a situation, I worked to convert the cycle itself into a plowing machine.

Subhash told that initially people made a lot of jokes about this device. But when this device was ready and his friends started using it in their fields, their insult turned into respect. Whoever saw this machine would ask where did it come from? In this way orders started increasing with them.

Many people started coming to him and telling what he wanted. He also made a mobile sprayer for spraying crops, for which he also received an honor from the National Innovation Foundation. After this, he made many more machines like innovative drilling machines, plywood cutting machines etc. But many times due to lack of money, he could not do much work on these machines.

NIF Awarded Subhash Jagtap for his innovation, Sandalwood Paste making machine
honors for inventions

sandalwood paste making machine success in

His fabrication work was going well. Due to which the right income was earned for the family. In between, people also used to give orders to make special machines for themselves. But many times people used to ask him to solve common problems. On which he used to work many times, many times the work was stopped due to funding.

Subhash says, “A few years ago, a priest of a temple in Jalgaon told me to make a machine to make sandalwood paste. Because sandalwood is rubbed on the stone by hand. Which takes a lot of hard work and time.” Subhash also felt that he could do something to solve this problem.

He began to think about it and began to notice the machines around him. He explains that earlier traditional ingredients were used to make idli dosa batter or groundnut chutney in South India. But now mostly electric machines are used. He was inspired by this machine.

Sandalwood Paste Maker Machine
sandalwood paste making machine

After several months of hard work, he made a prototype of his machine. This is an electric machine. In which he has also used stone. In this, arrangement has been made for water on one side so that while grinding the wood, light water also comes from the pipe. This machine of his was very successful and on the demand of the people, he prepared two models of it – Jumbo and Mini.

Five kg sandalwood paste is prepared in an hour with the jumbo machine. This works for large temples and companies. But at the same time many people wanted machines for less work. That’s why he also made a ‘mini machine’, which prepares 2.5 kg sandalwood paste in an hour.

started his own company

Subhash has also been honored by the National Innovation Foundation for his machine. He told that his two sons, Sachin Jagtap and Swapnil Jagtap are also working closely with him. Swapnil says, “I have done automobile engineering. From the time of college, I had decided that I would try to join my father’s work and take his goods to the market. Because they have made many machines. But marketing always had to depend on others.”

Sachin and Swapnil started their own company ‘Invento Processing Tools Pvt. Ltd.’ laid the foundation of Through this company, he is marketing a sandalwood paste making machine. He told that these machines of his have been bought by the local temples as well as the temple of Dwarka, Pandharpur temple and many big temples of South India.

Chandan Paste in making
making sandalwood paste

Atul Kulkarni, who serves at the Pandharpur temple, says, “We have bought two machines from them. Both are working very well. It is the tradition of the temple that during the summer season sandalwood is applied to the body of the Lord every day to keep cool. For this a large amount of sandalwood paste is needed. Earlier, we used to do this work by two-three people together. They used to rub sandalwood sticks on big stones. But now because of the machine this work has become very easy.”

Swapnil says that till now they have sold around 60 machines. “We have been approached by many cosmetic and ayurvedic companies for some time now. Herbs are ground here to make products. So we have given them some changes in this machine,” he said.

According to Subhash, if a farmer or someone else wants to start his own unit of making sandalwood paste, then this machine is very effective. To know the price of the machine or to buy it you can contact on 7709110350.

Editing – G N Jha

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