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45-year-old man dies due to cold in Chatra: wife’s life was lost three months ago, 6-year-old child was orphaned

Bishok Tulsyan, Chatra
The havoc of Chatra cold wave and severe cold continues unabated. Where on the one hand the mercury falling day by day has forced people to hide in their homes. At the same time, the cold has started killing people too. 45-year-old Karu Bhuiyan, a resident of Barwadih village of Kunda Panchayat in the Naxal-affected Kunda block area of ​​the district, died due to frost.

It is said that despite Karu and his family being below the poverty line, he was deprived of the benefits of government facilities till date. He neither has a ration card nor a house. He was spending the night with his family living in a broken hut. He was somehow feeding his family by working all day. His neighbor villager Sugan Bhuiyan said that Karu slept after having dinner. He didn’t have any disease. He died in the cold.

Wife died three months ago
It is said that even after the name of his wife Tetri Devi was registered in the PM housing list, he was not given the benefit of the housing scheme. Three months ago, his wife died of an unknown disease while circling the system. Now Karu Bhuiyan also died. There is a 6-year-old son Shivraj Kumar in the house. He is now an orphan.

Son Shivraj was crying over the death of his father saying- ‘Ab hamara ka hota baazi (father)’. Look at us, how are you? They are not even at home, how can we live now.

Local people gave financial support for the cremation
There is mourning in the village over the incident. On hearing the news of the incident, the local people have given financial support for the cremation. At the same time, there was talk of giving more support in the Shraddha rituals. Hearing the news of Karu’s death due to frost, BDO Murli Yadav and CO Zulfikar Ansari, in-charge of Kunda reached the house of the deceased and went home and gave cash support.

The officer said this thing
On the occasion, the officials talked about getting the son of the deceased two thousand rupees per month till the age of 18 years under the sponsor scheme (orphanage scheme) and also to make him a house under the name recorded in the list of housing scheme in the name of the mother. If the child expresses a desire to study, then the officials have said that he should be enrolled in a residential school in Chatra. However, in the matter of death due to cold, the officials appeared to refrain from saying anything.

45-year-old man died due to cold in Chatra: three months ago, wife’s life was lost, 6-year-old child became an orphan


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