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SCSS: This post office scheme will give better returns, will become lakhpati in 5 years only

The post office always comes up with new schemes to benefit its customers. However, very few people know about these schemes. The post office comes out with a profitable scheme for people of all ages. So let us give you information about the Senior Citizen Savings Scheme of the Post Office today. This scheme can give you a lot of profit.

Scheme gives best results

Senior Citizen Saving Scheme is a great investment plan which gives huge returns after years. This scheme is for senior citizens of age 60 and above. The age of the subscriber should be 60 years or above as on the date of SCSS account opening. However, age relaxation is provided to certain categories of persons. This scheme gives senior citizens a good interest rate and guaranteed income during the tenure of the deposit. With a SCSS account, senior citizens can get quarterly interest on deposits up to Rs 15 lakh. Interest in this scheme is available at the rate of 7.4 percent. For example, if you invest a lump sum of Rs 10 lakh in this scheme, then at the rate of 7.4 per cent per annum, you will get Rs 14,28,964 after 5 years. You will benefit about 5 lakhs from the interest itself.

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scss joint account rules

A senior citizen can open SCSS account in post office and some banks. Apart from this, you can also open a joint account. In case of joint account, the age restriction will be applicable to the first holder only. The entire amount of deposit is due only to the first account holder in joint accounts. One thing to keep in mind is that after the account is opened, you will also have to choose a nominee. You can choose one or more than one nominee. Also, you can change the nominee whenever you want.

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