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Diesel price hiked once again, know what is the price of one liter of petrol and diesel in your city today

Government oil companies have once again increased the prices of diesel. According to the information, there has been an increase of 25 paise per liter across the country. On the other hand, there has been no change in the prices of petrol after 21 days, which is news of relief for the common people. The price of petrol at Indian Oil’s petrol pump in the Delhi market was seen to be stable at Rs 101.19. On the other hand, diesel has jumped by 25 paise to Rs 89.07 per liter.

Highest record increase in 3 years

On September 01 and September 05, the oil companies had cut the rates of petrol and diesel twice. Where 15-15 paise per liter of petrol and diesel was reduced. Petrol and diesel became cheaper by 30 paise in September. Diesel prices were increased by 20 to 22 paise across the country on September 24. Exactly three days after this, today 25-27 paise and diesel prices have been increased. In the coming days, the price of petrol can affect the pockets of the common people. The main reason for this is the continuous increase in the price of crude oil. Highest record increase in 3-year figures.

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Know how much is the price in your city today

You can know the price of petrol and diesel through mobile through SMS. According to the Indian Oil website, you have to write RSP and your city code and send it to 9224992249. After which the rate of petrol and diesel in your city will be known through SMS. Each city has a different code which will be available from the IOCL website.

Petrol – Rs 107.26 per liter in Mumbai, Diesel – Rs 96.68 per liter
Petrol in Chennai – Rs 98.96 per liter, Diesel – Rs 93.69 per liter
Petrol – Rs 101.19 per liter in New Delhi, Diesel – Rs 89.07 per liter
Petrol in Kolkata – Rs 101.62 per liter, Diesel – Rs 92.17 per liter
Petrol – Rs 89.53 per liter in Noida, Diesel – Rs 89.64 per liter
Petrol in Hyderabad – Rs 105.42 per liter, Diesel – Rs 97.35 per liter
Petrol – Rs 109.63 per liter in Bhopal, Diesel – Rs 97.65 per liter
Petrol in Lucknow – Rs 98.17 per liter, Diesel – Rs 89.36 per liter

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