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2 percent increase in DA, big gift for employees in the new year

There is good news for central employees. The new year is about to bring new gifts. Once again dearness allowance will increase. It has been estimated that the dearness allowance may increase by 2 or 3% in January. Whether there is a 2 percent increase in DA or 3 percent, it will be known after the AICPI data of December. But, AICPI data till October has been released.

2% jump in dearness allowance

The index has currently reached 124.9 points. Now the figures for November and December will be added to it. The December figures will come by the end of January 2022. The index is expected to remain in the range of 127-128. If this happens, there will be a 2 per cent jump in dearness allowance. The total dearness allowance will increase to 33 percent. Dearness allowance is getting 31 percent since July.

Announcement of total increase of 14 percent in 2021

In the year 2021, a total increase of 14 percent was announced in DA. Earlier, DA was kept in freeze for 18 months. First it was announced to increase the dearness allowance by 11 percent and then by 3 percent. In this way, the dearness allowance has increased by 14 percent so far. DA is calculated only on the basic salary. If someone’s salary is Rs 20,000, then he would have increased by Rs 2800 every month at the rate of 14 per cent.

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34% increase in salary

According to media reports, there may be an increase of up to three percent in dearness allowance by January 2022. The calculations are yet to be done according to the coming months. According to this, DA has increased to the level of 32.81 percent in September 2021 itself. If the salary of the employees will increase from 31 percent to 34 percent, then the salary of the employees can increase up to Rs 40000.

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