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Wedding Pressure: If you also have marriage pressure, then know how to talk to parents

New Delhi/ If the girl gets married, then understand that you must have heard this saying from the mouth of some parent or relative for taking a bath in the Ganges. In Indian society, even before the girl grows up, family and relatives start worrying about her marriage the most. In many homes, as soon as the girl is born, the parents start adding money for her marriage. In today’s modern era, as soon as the girl crosses the age of 21-22, then all the relatives start bringing different types of relationships for her marriage.

Relationship talks start as soon as the girls are 12th. Not only this, it is also the desire of the parents that their daughter’s hands should turn yellow as soon as possible. In the midst of all this, if anyone is worried, then it is the girl, even in today’s era, as soon as most of the girls graduate, the talk of their relationship starts going on in the house. To a large extent, the same happens with boys. As soon as the boy gets a good job, people start fixing his marriage. If a relative comes to visit, then there is only talk of getting married on his face. Parents also start pressurizing for marriage.

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At the same time, some relatives also start telling relationships in their identity. Hearing such things, the child gets very angry but the problem is that he is unable to say anything. After a time, the parents also start pressurizing for marriage and in the end either the girl or the boy does not want to say yes to any unknown relationship and at some point he becomes a victim of depression. If you are also facing this problem, then talk to your parents like this.

say it clearly

The best and right way to get out of any problem is to face it. If you remain silent then you will never be able to get out of that tension or trouble, so if you want that you want to stay married for some time, then it is better that you tell your parents clearly about this. Maybe you want to complete your studies or give some time to your career, in such a situation the best solution is to give a valid reason to your parents and say that you do not want to get married now. Huh.

tell your time

When you refuse to marry your parents, their first question is that how long will you stay in the same house. The easiest way to deal with this situation is to give them a set time. For example, you can tell them to stay till a certain age or you can also ask them to reach a particular point in their career. Many times it also happens that even after you refuse, the parents become sad or angry. In this way you can explain them with love. Tell them that no matter what the world says, you shouldn’t matter. In this way, when you put your mind in front of him with love, then he is sure that he will agree with you.

In fact, when a relative will ask your father that he has seen a boy for a girl, then your father’s answer will be – my daughter is still studying and I am not thinking about her marriage. In this way, he himself will remove all the pressure. For boys also parents will say that he wants to make his career right now. Everything will happen on time.

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