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Roop Chaudas looked different like this, enhance your beauty in these ways

By: Team NewsdayExpress | Posted: 26 Oct, 2019

In Hinduism, the day of Roop Chaudas is considered very special for women. This day is a time for women to refine themselves. Because the cleanliness of Diwali is now completed by women in almost every house. In such a situation, now it is the turn to beautify the face and look most beautiful and different in the coming festivals. On this day, women do makeup to beautify their youth. Let us know how you have to take care of your beauty on this day.

Traditional way…
There is a tradition of applying rubbish on Roop Chaudas. It is known to all that there is hardly any time to take care of oneself between Diwali cleaning and shopping. In such a situation, dust and dullness starts appearing on your skin. On this day, you can apply ubtan from the market or you can prepare ubtan yourself at home by mixing gram flour, mustard oil, turmeric, sandalwood powder and rose water. Apply it all over the body and take a bath when it dries. You yourself will feel the difference.

Cleanse skin with raw milk
Use raw milk to rejuvenate your skin. After bathing during the day, leave raw milk on your face, then wash your face with fresh water after completing the rest of the household chores.

Along with your face, you can also apply raw milk on your neck, hands and feet. Apply raw milk at night and go to sleep when it dries up. Then wake up in the morning and clean it while taking a bath. By doing this your skin will get a new glow. Dryness will go away and your skin will become healthy and soft.

For skin cleansing…
No matter how much we cover ourselves during household chores and cleanliness, dust and germs catch us. In such a situation, to get rid of them completely, apply lemon mixed with rose water from your hair to the whole body. You can also enhance the beauty of your scalp and hair with lemon and rose water. After applying this mixture on the body and hair for 30 minutes, take a bath. With this use, you will also get relief from sun tan and pimples.

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