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Keep your body warm and healthy with these things in winter

In winter, food is also very important to keep the body warm from inside. And the fun of eating in winter is something else. In such a situation, here we will tell you what you should eat in the winter season.


Peanuts come first in this. Peanuts are also eaten in summer. But, the fun that is in eating it in winter, it is never more. It is also beneficial to eat peanuts in winter. They are such that nutrients like fiber, protein, carbohydrates and calcium are found in it. Which is of great benefit. Therefore, eating it means protecting yourself from winter.


In winter, you must definitely consume Desi Dhee. Ghee helps to balance the heat and temperature of your body. This is because it contains essential fatty acids. Whereas, ghee keeps your body warm from inside. You can eat it by adding desi ghee on roti in your food or you can also savor it by making semolina pudding in desi ghee. Apart from this, you can also drink desi ghee in hot milk at night. It keeps your body warm from inside.

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Sesame seeds are widely used in Chikkis or other winter sweets. Sesame seeds are considered extremely good for warming up your body and making you feel warm during winters. Be it sesame laddus or sesame strips, eating sesame in the cold season has its own fun. But along with taste, sesame seeds are also very beneficial for health. Whether it is black sesame or white – both are beneficial for health.

Dry Fruits

By using dates, dry fruits and other dry fruits, you can protect yourself in this winter. Along with this, it is also a surefire way to improve health. Nuts or dried fruits are also consumed to get a healthy and fit body, to stay healthy. Dry fruits are very effective for health.

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