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If you want to have hot sex outside the house then remember these 5 things

Having sex from place to place has its own fun. It brings newness to the relationship and adds a different kind of thrill. Many people also try outdoor sex for this. In this, they do not lag behind in choosing things like beach to car, toilet, garden, empty spaces. However, it is important to take care of some things about this thing that adds excitement to sex life.

Choose a private or secluded place

A hidden meadow, secluded beach, lush forest, or remote campsite can be good choices for thrilling outdoor sex. Just make sure you’re choosing a place and time that you’re not likely to be seen by others.

Don’t go to jail

If the place is not chosen well and caught, then it can come in the list of breaking the law, for which compensation can range from jail. In such a situation, no matter how strong the desire for outdoor sex is for adventure, but do not forget to see where you are.

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Avoid any physically risky places

During outdoor sex, choose a place that does not prove to be physically fatal for you. For example, in movies, actors romancing on ice may look very good, but in real life it can drop your body temperature and make you sick and even go to the hospital. Similarly, do not choose places that are too risky and there is a possibility of you getting injured.

You Might Have to Have Quick Sex

When you feel like making a relationship outside the four walls of the house, then keep in mind that there will not be any comfort or time like a bed. You may have to have quick sex because of the fear of being caught or noticed by someone. In such a situation, you will have to forget things like foreplay, long kissing, hugging etc.

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use of condoms

Condoms help a lot in preventing unwanted pregnancy, STDs or other infections in the private part. Whether you are planning quick sex or long outdoor sex, but do not forget to carry it. Apart from saving you from many problems, it will also help in enjoying tension free sex.


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