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If the phone is not kept on flight mode in the plane, then you can get stuck in big trouble, know why this happens

Often, whenever we travel on a flight, the flight attendant gives you some instructions before the start of the journey, from wearing the belt to switching off the phone or putting the phone on flight mode. You must have also seen the option of flight mode in the phone, after which the network goes away. But do you know why you are told this while traveling in flight or what will happen if you do not follow it. If you do not know, then let us tell you today why it is asked to turn off the phone and put it in flight mode and what can be difficult if you do not do so.
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What is Flight Mode – What is Airplane Mode?

If you don’t want to put your phone in flight mode, you can also turn it off. In this way you will be able to save the battery of the phone. If you want to use it in flight, do it in airplane mode first. WiFi is also available on most flights, you can use that. By doing flight mode the mobile network becomes inactive. If you leave your phone on airplane mode and don’t turn on WiFi, you won’t be able to use apps, but yes, you can play games without data. You can watch pre-downloaded movies and also listen to music.

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What Happens if You Don’t Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode?


Did you know that if a passenger in the US does not switch the phone on or off on airplane mode in flight, then it is counted in the list of criminals? It is not that if you do not put the phone on airplane mode, then the plane will fly, but yes, it is definitely that there can be trouble for the pilot flying the plane. Keeping the mobile connection on while in flight can affect the communication system of the aircraft, causing problems for the pilot.

Pilots are always in contact with radar and control rooms during flight. But if the phone is on, then they may have a problem in such a situation and they may not get the instructions clearly and there may also be problems in their connection. If your mobile or laptop is left on during the flight, there may be interference in the radio frequency received by the pilot. In such a situation, whenever you travel in a flight, keep your phone on flight mode for some time.

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These are the benefits of putting the phone on Airplane Mode –

Saves Battery Life: Putting on flight mode prevents the phone from connecting to cellular networks or wireless signals, thereby saving battery and making the phone battery last longer.

Increases Charging Speed: The moment you put your phone in flight mode, all the apps on your phone will not go to the update download. In this way all the apps which require data become inactive. In this way your phone charging speed increases.

Fewer interruptions: When the phone is in flight mode, you get rid of messages, notifications, calls, etc. for a while. In this way, you can play games, movies, music in the phone without any problem.

Reduces Exposure to EMF Radiation: When your phone is connected to a cellular network or any other device with the help of Bluetooth or WiFi, it generates EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiation. However, your phone’s RF signals cause interference with the aircraft’s sensitive sensors and equipment. Putting your phone in flight mode reduces the effect of EMF radiation.

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